Short Story

When a brother was 7 years old, his wife passed away.

Relatives persuaded him to remarry
He denied it all, saying that he had only one son
That son is my wife’s gift to me.

I will take good care of it and raise it and my life will be cut short in it.

When the son grew up, he got married well and left all the business to his son and retired.

A year after their son’s wedding, they sat down to dinner one morning before leaving for their son’s office.

After starting the meal, he said to Vahu, “If Vahu has yoghurt, give it to me?”

The son’s wife replied that there was no yogurt.

The answer was heard as the son entered the house.

Dad ate and the couple sat down to eat.

The wife also serves yoghurt by filling a cup with other items at the meal.

The son did not respond but landed on his way to the office.

A few days later the son said to his father, “Dad, you have to come to court with me today.

Today is your remarriage.

Dad said, “Son, I don’t need a wife at this age and I love you so much that you don’t need a mother either.”

What work after a second marriage?

The son replied-
“Dad, I’m not bringing a mother for me or a wife for you.”

I’m just making yogurt for you.

From tomorrow I will be living in a rented house with my wife and taking salary as an employee in your office so that your son-in-law understands the value of yogurt


Mother, father use ATM for children. Can be a card.

So children should also become Aadhar card for parents, right? 😥😥?

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Dedicated to all Father’s- Dad is there

Read article PAPPA TO CHE NE
Dad is there … !!

Were at my birth
To all enthusiasts ..,
Silently in a corner
Were standing a ..,

Everyone just fell in love
The hospital bills
What was left …,

  • Dad is the only one … * Scratching the stomach
    I was filled,
    How many times have I been at home,
    Step by step
    Afraid, but …
    I didn’t worry if I fell,
    Because …
  • Dad is the only one … * Remember Nishal
    The first day …
    When i cried
    Putting a poke …
    At the school door,
    I’m scared ..,
    Of these books
    In the forest,
    Also knew that
    Hand holder …
  • Dad is the only one … * I was writing in slate
    Life lessons every day,
    Erasing and improving
    I forget
    If not improve don’t forget,
    The knot will not be untied
    So to solve it all,
  • Dad is there .. * The first bicycle, scooter
    In the first car
    Holding the steering wheel
    Ran together,
    If I slip
    These are the ways of life
    But somewhere …,
    Holding hands
  • Dad is the only one … *
  • I left you to study *
  • Fodi laish *
    On this dialog
    Completed the whole study,
    Books, clothes
    Pocket Money Timesar
    To pay the incoming fee
  • Dad is the only one … * No frugality or raw material
    Don’t make me a good man
    Those who created,
    Hands lost
    Grabbed and raised
  • Dad is the only one … * Marriage after job
    Then made my home
    Who never turned back
    Don’t see
    If anything is missing
    I’ll bring it
    Haiyadharan giver
  • Dad is the only one … * Who made me big
    Without any embarrassment,
    Spent the whole
    Aykhun mnu,
    But still nothing happens,
    So come and tell me ..,
    You don’t mind ..,
  • Tara pappa to che j ne * How many times lost
    In the stakes of life,
    I played twice,
    Gamblers in many games,
    Toi constantly to win me over
    Mathta ne ..,
    Anything happens …,
    I have only one problem K …..,
  • Dad is the only one … *
    What is this dad? * Dad is just a name?
    Dad is just a look?
    Dad is just a position?
    Dad is just in the biodata
    The existence behind the name?
    No. 2. Pappa is an even more practical inspirational book than the Puranas of God … Our biggest problem is reading many of our Puranas
    And understands but can’t read Dad sitting at home … With credit to the profile in the name of this dad
    Don’t take too much .. The society that considers mother as God understands only father ..
    Because this dad someday nominates himself for the category of God
    Not done.
  • “Beware if you have done so … *
  • Let your father come .. *
  • I will say everything “Such sentences *
  • Every mother must have told her child in her childhood from time to time …. *
  • And even if not released, the father who earns for the family in that office becomes an unknown enemy of the child. And this inadvertent relationship with the offspring lasts a long time. *
  • In many cases, by the time the true value of the father is understood, the father has become a photo hanging on the nail. * The rest of the father is a God who does not have to fast, fast or sing hard verses to live … The living God is present to support our shoulders in our troubles. One written by Dr. Nimit Ojha
    It is a good thing to remember that if a pit comes out of the house and falls, it is called “O Maa” but when a truck crosses an unfamiliar road and comes close to it, “O Baap Re” just falls from my mouth. Proof is that mother is remembered in small problems … but in difficult and big problems of life only father is remembered. The art of recognizing a best friend by the name of Dad is mostly not taught in youth, except that at this age, Dad considers it more than teaching. A father may be working part time but his parents may be working full time .. because a father who plows in the field or in the office * working overtime is finally ready to give all the facilities to his son or daughter …. *
  • A father who gets tired of the mistakes made in our youth does not get annoyed and retires from paternity .. We have to teach him something from time to time because in life we ​​should not fill in the gaps where he has followed ….. * Efforts to keep our intelligence intact without disturbing the budget of the intellect
    Keep doing it .. for this reason a
    Mostly adopts a strict attitude and Atlej is in the chest of fifty-six
    Lissu butter is not known to most of us. This dad is not an order to turn off the TV at 3 o’clock and sit forcibly to study, but one that explains the value of education.
    Quote ..
  • This daddy means the squeaky squeaking sound of a continuous swing until he comes home at night …. * This daddy is the seal of strictness worn on the whale even more than the mommy.
  • This daddy means once he eats, he hides it from his mother and gives it to her a second time … * This dad is a personality who becomes our style icon even though he is not doing fashion …. This daddy means we never fell
    A strong hand holding the back of the bicycle seat not letting go …
  • After all, Daddy means Daddy… If you just look like this, nothing and if you look like this, everything … *
  • There is still time..if the emotional address of the father’s name is alive and spreading its sweetness at home, then finish this article and go and meet him once without any reason …. * A book called Daddy will add a nice fun page that you will love to read for the rest of your life.
  • Dedicated to All fathers … ✍ *

Fathers Last Wish

  • 🧑🏼‍🦯 Father’s last wish * The * advice * given by the dying * father * that the son’s life has changed, * everyone should read * Was a very * rich family *. The * head of the family * fell ill. So he called his * son * to himself and said that son is my * last wish * to keep me wearing this * torn sock * (socks) when my * final journey * is taken out when I die. And may this wish be fulfilled. And in a short time, my father * died *. So the son told the * Pandit * who came home his father’s * last wish *. Panditji said that in our religion, nothing can be worn by anyone in a * funeral *. But the son had taken a * vow * to fulfill his * father’s last wish *. Slowly the word reached the pundits of the whole city. But no Pandit gave this * permission *. And in the end no * decision * came. So the son became * disappointed *. So out of all the men standing there, * one man * came close to the son. And in the son’s hand his father gave him a * paper * written. The son * began to * read * the paper * with wet eyes * and wrote in it, * “My dear son *, you must be seeing that we have * a lot of money, bungalows, cars * everything but I also Can’t take along One day you too will have to face * death * like me, from now on you will have to become * smart *, you too will have to go only in a * white cloth *. Therefore, try not to hurt anyone for * money *, do not * accumulate * wealth in the wrong way, use money only in * work of religion *. Everyone has the * right * to know that only * karma * goes with * after the body is released *. But still man * runs * behind * money * until he * dies *. My son, remember some things for the rest of your life, such as never answer with your mind to those who are talking to you from the heart. It is common to make * 50 friends * in a year. But maintaining * friendship * with a friend for * 60 years * is a special thing. * Life * does not change in a minute. But after * thinking * for a minute, writing * decision * changes the whole life. ”
    Don’t hurt anyone ….
    Don’t play with feelings
  • Don’t be rude, Be always kind to every living creature. *

Both Husband and Wife are Important

There was a Nawab in ancient times. He was highly respected in the home, family and society. One day the Nawab told his Begum that you are respected everywhere because of me. The wife replied that in a minute I could ruin your honor. Show that Nawab spoke well by doing so. After a while, their anger subsided and a few days passed.
One evening the Nawab was sitting in a mehfil with his friends. Then the sound of his son crying was coming from the room inside. Nawab asked Begum what happened, why are you annoying the child?
Begum replied from within that he was asking for this mess. When he has eaten with full stomach. The Nawab said well then give him some mash.
Begum said that there are other people in the house, how can I give all the mess to the child?
All these things were being heard by the friends of the Nawab. He wondered what kind of Nawab this was, quarreling for a little mess at home. All the friends stood up quietly and left. The Nawab understood that his honor had been tarnished by the Begum today.
He went to Begum and said that she had proved her point. Now show me my honor back. The wife said well call your friends again tomorrow.
The next day the Nawab’s friends came again and again the sound of the baby crying came. Nawab asked Begum what happened to her today? Begum from inside replied crying for kheechadi again today.
The Nawab said, “Okay, feed him too and bring it for my friends.”

Begum immediately took a servant and came in a big bowl. Friends noticed that this was no ordinary mess. Items like dried fruits, dates, pistachios, cashews, almonds, raisins etc. were visible in the mash. All the friends thought that Nawab Sahib did not have the answer.
Nawab Saheb’s honor increased again because of his wife.

  • Lessons *
    This story teaches that both husband and wife are equally important in marriage. The husband should also appreciate his wife’s feelings. Without the cooperation of the wife, the husband cannot be respected in the home, family and society.

Young and Old

Beautiful Message. Not to be missed!!

YOUNG 😎 and OLD 😸

​When YOUNG,
When I am OLD,

When I was YOUNG,
When OLD,

I wanted my parents to leave me alone*
I am worried to be left alone*

When I was YOUNG,
When OLD,
there is NO ONE around to TALK or ADVISE.

When I am OLD,
I see BEAUTY in THINGS around ME.

When I was YOUNG,
I felt I was ETERNAL.
When I am OLD,
I know SOON it will be MY TURN.

When I was YOUNG,
When I am OLD,

When I was YOUNG,
I found it DIFFICULT to WAKE UP.
When OLD,

When I was YOUNG,
When OLD,


It DOESN’T MATTER whether YOUNG or OLD. LIFE needs to be LIVED and LIVED WITH LOVE & LOVED ONES on. You are surely one of these.

A Wonderful Message and a Fact too 🙏🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻




1) The”Rooster”– Feels that it is their job to tell Facebook”Good Morning”every day !!

2) The”Lurker”– Never posts or comments on your post, but reads everything, and might make reference to your status if they see you in public.

3) The”Hyena”– Doesn’t ever really say anything, just LOLs and
LMAOs at everything.

4)”Mr/Ms Popular”– Has 4,367 friends for NO reason

5) The”Gamer”– Plays Words With Friends, Mafia Wars, Bakes
virtual cakes and stuff, etc., ALL DAY.)

6) The”Cynic”– Hates their life, and everything in it, as evidenced by the somber tone in ALL of their status updates.

7) The”Collector”– Never posts anything either, but joins every
group and becomes fans of the most random stuff.

The”Promoter”– Always sends event invitations to things that you ultimately delete or ignore.

9) The”Liker”– Never actually says anything, but always clicks the”like”button

10)”Drama Queen/ King”– This person always posts stuff like”I
can’t believe this!”, or”They gonna make me snap today!”, in
the hopes that you will ask what happened, or what’s wrong but
then they never finish telling the story.

11) The”News”– Always updates you on what they are doing and who they are doing it with, no matter how arbitrary, and Lastly

12) The”Thief”– Steals status updates… and will probably steal
this one


Scary Predictions for Future

Some Very Interesting, but very scary Predictions for the Future..

1-Conventional Car Repair workshops will vanish over a period of time.

2-A Petrol Engine /Diesel Engine-driven Car has almost 20,000 individual components
An electrical Vehicle has less than 50.

In future, Electric cars will be sold with a life-time Warranty and will be repaired only by authorised outlets.. It will take only a few minutes to remove and replace an Electric Motor in a Battery-powered Vehicle.

3-Faulty electric motors are not repaired in the conventional car workshops teaming with Mechanics,, but will be sent to an automated Repair shop that repairs them using Robots.

4-The Electric motor in your Electric Vehicle malfunctions- A warning light goes on
so you drive up to what looks like a car wash, and your car is towed inside. While you have a cup of coffee, out comes your car with a repaired Electric motor !

5-Petrol Pumps will go away.

6-Street corners will have Power meters that will dispense Electricity
Power Companies/ Utility companies will install Electrical recharging stations at street corners.. In fact, they’ve already started in advanced countries like Sweden, Denmark and Holland.

7-Smart major Auto manufacturers across the world like Honda, Toyota and Samsung have already invested Billions of Dollars to start building new Manufacturing plants that will only build Electric cars.

8-Coal Mining industry will sink without a trace. Petroleum companies will vanish. Drilling for oil will gradually reduce. Say good-bye to the power-wielding OPEC
The Middle-East is heading for trouble.

*9-Homes will produce and store more Electrical energy during the daytime and will consume only a part of the power generated & will sell most of the power back to the powergrid. The powergrid will store the power and will distribute the power to industries that are high-intensive power users. Has anybody thought of a *Tesla* on the roof ??

10-A baby of today, will only see personal cars in Museums
The future, an Era of disruption, is approaching faster than most of us can handle.

11-In 1980, Kodak had 170,000 employees worldwide and sold 85% of all photographic film-rolls across the world.
Within just a couple of decades, their business model crashed and Kodak went bankrupt. Who would have thought of that ever happening ??

12-What happened to Kodak and Polaroid will happen to a lot of industries in the next 5-10 years … and most people don’t see them coming.

13-Did you think in 2000 that five years later, you would never take pictures using photographic film again ? With today’s smart phones, who owns a Camera these days ??

14-Digital Cameras were invented around 1975. The initial models only had clarity/ resolution of 10,000 pixels, but improved vastly following Moore’s laws, as it happens with all futuristic technologies

15-It will now happen again (but much faster) with Artificial Intelligence Medical Diagnostics, Autonomous Electric cars, Online education, 3D Printing, Hydroponic Agriculture will change the world, beyond imagination.

16-Forget the old book- Future Shock Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

17-Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and 3D Printing have already disrupted and will continue to disrupt most traditional Manufacturing industries in the next ten years.

18-UBER is just a software company- they don’t own any cars and Uber is now the biggest taxi company in the world. Ask any taxi driver if any of them, saw that coming.

19-AirBnB is now the biggest hotel company in the world, although they don’t own any hotel properties. Ask Hilton or Meridian Hotels if they saw that coming.

20-Artificial Intelligence: Computers will become exponentially powerful & more accurate in understanding all facets of the world. This year, a computer beat the best Go-player in the world, 10 years earlier than expected.

21-In the USA, young lawyers already don’t get jobs easily. Because of IBM’s Watson, you can get legal advice ( right now, only the basic legal advice) within seconds, with 90% accuracy as compared with 70% accuracy when given by human beings. So, if you are planning to study law, please change your career plan. There will be 90% fewer lawyers in the future, only super-specialists will remain.

22-IBM Watson already helps Doctors in diagnosing Cancer. IBM Watson is many times more accurate than human Doctors.

23-Facebook now has a pattern recognition software that can recognize faces better than humans. In 2030, computers will become far more intelligent than humans.

24-Autonomous cars: In 2020 several models of self-driving cars are already launched. In the next five years, the entire industry will be disrupted. You don’t need to own a car anymore as you will call a car with your mobile phone, it will show up at your location and will drive you to your destination.

25-You will not need to park your car you will only pay only for the driven distance and you can be productive, while being driven in a driverless car. The younger children of today’s generation, will never get a Driver’s license and will never own a car

26-This will change our cities because we will need 90% fewer cars. We can transform parking spaces into green parks.

27-About 1.2 million people die each year in car accidents worldwide including distracted drivers or due to drunk driving. We now have one accident for every 60,000 miles of driving. With Autonomous driving that will probably drop to 1 accident in 6 million miles of driving. That will save almost a million lives worldwide each year.

28-Most traditional car companies will doubtless become financially unviable, with their current business models
They will try the traditional evolutionary approach and try to build better cars, while Tech companies ( Tesla, Apple, Google ) will take up a revolutionary approach and build a Computer on wheels.

29-Look at what Volvo is doing right now
No more Internal Combustion Engines in their Cars starting with the year 2025, using mostly Electric Motors, with the intent of phasing out Hybrid models.

30-Engineers from Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen and Audi are completely terrified of Tesla
Look at all the global companies offering Electric vehicles. They were unheard of, only a few years ago.

31-Insurance companies will have massive trouble Without many road accidents, the Insurance Premiums will crash. The car insurance business will taper down with the passage of time.

32-Real Estate Business models will undergo drastic change. Because if you can work on your Laptop while you commute, people will abandon their down-town apartments, to move far away to more beautiful and affordable neighbourhoods in distant suburbs.

33-Electric cars will become mainstream by 2040. Cities will be less noisy because all new cars will run mostly on Batteries.

34-Cities will have much cleaner Ambient atmosphere, with no pollution
And clean air as well.

35-Renewable Power will become incredibly cheap, apart from being clean.

36-Solar power production has been on an exponential growth-curve for the last 30 years, but you can now see the burgeoning impact. And it’s just getting ramped up with the price of Solar Power( per Kilo-Watt-Hour) falling down every year.

37-Fossil Energy in trouble
Tech companies are trying new methods to limit access to the power grid, to prevent competition from low-cost home-based solar installations.

38-Health: There will be Tech companies which will build Medical devices that work on your Mobile phone, which can take your Retina scan, your blood sample and you breath into it. Then, they will analyse Bio-markers that will identify nearly any Disease. There will be dozens of Mobile phone apps for Medical Diagnostics.



My top 100 book recommendations

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74.The Miracle Morning

75.The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

76.The Psychology of Investing

77.The Real Estate Fast Track_ How to Create a $5,000 to $50,000 Per Month Real Estate Cash Flow

78.The Total Money Makeover

79.The Warren Buffett Way

80.The Portable MBA In Finance And Accounting

81.The Rules Of Work

82.The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a fu*k

83.The Midas Touch

84.the power of your subconscious mind

85.The Road to Wealth by Robert G .Allen

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87.The Side Hustle Path

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89.Trump Strategies For Real Estate

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91.Unfair Advantage_ The Power of Financial Education

92.Unshakeable Your Financial Freedom Playbook

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94.Why We Want You to Be Rich were born rich

96. Zero To One

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98.Zero to One_ Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

99.think your way to universal wealth

100.Expert Secrets_ The Underground Playbook for Finding Your Message, Building a Tribe, and Changing the World


The power of positive thinking is making a comeback

The power of positive thinking is making a comeback

By the time he was nine, Jerome Lamaar had learned how to seize on his heart’s desire. “I was hoping to get my hands on the Power Ranger Flip Heads,” says Lamaar, a 35-year-old, Bronx-bred fashion designer. “I never told anyone, but I wanted these toys so bad. I sat in my room holding this scenario in my head of how I would feel when I got them.”

He had, in his New Age-tinctured phrase, “launched his dreams into the universe”. And, as he tells it, the universe heeded his call. “The very next day, my dad got me the Flip Heads,” he says. “That’s when I realised that there was something to this.”

He could not have named it at the time, but Lamaar says now that he was manifesting, achieving material and psychic rewards through sheer force of mind.

Part magical thinking, part struggle for agency at a time when it is in short supply, the practice he describes, an eons-old variant of positive thinking – or at least the term that describes it – has re-entered the mainstream.Read more

Manifesting sits alongside a smattering of belief systems – astrology, tarot, paganism and their metaphysical cousins – being resurrected by a youthful generation in the name of wellness. “For Gen Z in particular, it can be a form of self-soothing,” says Lucie Greene, a writer and trend forecaster in New York. “It’s a way to make sense of things in a moment where nothing makes sense.”

It is especially meaningful, Greene goes on, to those tribes of teenagers and people in their early 20s whose hopes have been flattened or derailed by a pandemic-imposed social and economic malaise. In a such a fraught climate, she says, “It’s cathartic to feel you have some control over your destiny.”

INDY/LIFE Newsletter Be inspired with the latest lifestyle trends every week

INDY/LIFE Newsletter Be inspired with the latest lifestyle trends every week

This born-again phenomenon is dismissed in some quarters as little more than a quarantine fad, like “bread baking, tie-dyeing, or learning TikTok dances,” as Rebecca Jennings put it in a recent post on Vox. “‘Shut up I’m manifesting,’” she says, “is among the defining memes of 2020.”

Its practitioners, in contrast, view it as a coping mechanism, a legitimate alternative that organised religion or psychotherapy may not always provide. The “law of attraction”, a belief that your experiences have a direct correlation to your thoughts, is one aspect of Princess Asata Louden’s spiritual practice. Others include journaling and meditation, which Louden, a 24-year-old dancer and graduate student at UCLA, likes to perform by candlelight or near an open window.

“I also communicate with my ancestors and spirit guides,” Louden says, rituals that make her feel “divinely protected and guided”.

“Manifesting has gotten me through all of this pandemic stuff,” says Louden, who goes by the stage name Sygga. She is not religious but takes on faith “that we have this power to manipulate energy”.

Many of her contemporaries preach a similar gospel of self-realisation on YouTube, TikTok and other social platforms. These days, the internet teems with their slogans and self-affirmations: “Receiving blessings from the universe” or “There’s no competition when you’re manifesting in your own lane”.

Marta Langston, 18, a high school student in Northern California, shares her credo on TikTok and Instagram. “You would be surprised how many people my age that I’ve met are actively using ‘the law of attraction’,” Langston says. “I really think our generation is here to push this idea into the mainstream – we see it as part of a new enlightenment.”

The law of attraction is tainted as well by an undercurrent of racism, one obvious enough to have spawned its own meme: ‘Maybe you manifested. Maybe it’s white privilege’

That concept has a lofty ring. But for some of its youngest adherents, manifesting is just the latest extension of a romance with the gaudy totems of the early aughts. Among them is The Secret (recently updated as The Greatest Secret, published in November), a wildly popular 2006 self-help bible of an older generation, and a brand in itself, that lured readers with the slick assurance, stating that manifesting “is exactly like placing an order from a catalog”. As its author, Rhonda Byrne, writes, “You must know that what you want is yours from the moment you ask.”

Such a modish, and mercantile, spin on wishful thinking has spawned its own litter of films and self-help guides. There is The Secret: Dare to Dream, a Hallmark-worthy fantasy starring Katie Holmes. Rife with the requisite catchphrases – “the more you think about something, the more you draw it to you” – the movie is streaming on Amazon Prime.

Strength – or shortcut?

The law of attraction is tainted as well by an undercurrent of racism, one obvious enough to have spawned its own meme: “Maybe you manifested. Maybe it’s white privilege.”

Manifesting “feels entitled and dirty”, Ruth Anne Stearns posted on, going on to assert that its promise of wealth and abundance is grounded in “the real advantage that you live in this white body, in this time and place, that you have tremendous resources” that most of the world does not have.

Rhonda Byrne has written, ‘You must know that what you want is yours from the moment you ask’


Manifesting carries an implicit rebuke to members of impoverished or disenfranchised communities, says Denise Fournier, a psychotherapist in Miami. Subtle or not, the message is insidious. “It’s ‘Why aren’t you manifesting a trip to Tulum? Why aren’t we seeing you on Instagram? You must not be a good manifester.’ That’s problematic,” she says.

Some find it selfish, or simply unrealistic. “It can be a way of bypassing the legitimate work of therapy,” which takes into account the idea of responsibility, discipline and the impact of one’s choices on other people, Fournier says. “What makes it so ‘woo’ is that people want to believe that they can close their eyes and wish for a mega-mansion, that having that having the right crystals can make it happen. But it just doesn’t work that way.”

Protracted self-seclusion ‘has forced us to think a bit more about what we want to do with our lives’

Elise Gill, film producer

Gabriele Oettingen, a scholar and professor of psychology at New York University, underscores the point. “Dreamers are not often doers,” she writes in Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation, a study of the sources and perils of unexamined optimism. “The pleasurable act of dreaming saps our energy to perform the hard work of meeting the challenges in real life.”

Lamaar finds solace in the practice just the same, partly in the strength to push back against the socioculturally imposed limitations of race and class. That makes it democratic, he suggests: “It’s a muscle that, if you take a moment to be present, everybody can use.”

By the time he was 15, he had visualised his way into the world of style, landing his dream job working alongside designer Kimora Lee Simmons at Baby Phat, Lamaar says. More recently he has worked with Samsung, Google, Adidas and Amazon, among others.

Manifesting works for him partly, he says, because he abides by his own somewhat stringent set of rules. “You have to create this memory of a thing as having already happened,” he says. “What was the weather like that day? What were you wearing? Did you receive a call at the time?”

“Manifesting gives people hope, something we’ve lacked during the pandemic,” says Elise Gill, 30, a film producer for an advertising agency in London. Protracted self-seclusion “has forced us to think a bit more about what we want to do with our lives,” she says.

Norman Vincent Peale, Christian preacher and author, was a progenitor of the theory of ‘positive thinking’

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To Carlos Garbiras, a 36-year-old insurance salesman in Sonoma County, California, who grew up in Colombia during a politically turbulent time, the practice provides an emotional safety net. “As an immigrant, I was brought up to imagine the world as a dangerous place,” he says. “You grew up distrustful, seeing the bad even when it wasn’t necessarily there. Manifesting is asking you to do the opposite. I think of it as a correction.”

Some of his ideas are rooted in New Thought, a movement in the early 19th century that promoted, among other concepts, the idea that divine thought is a force for good and “right thinking” a potential source of healing.

That doctrine was echoed in the mid-20th-century teachings of Norman Vincent Peale, an American clergyman widely known as “God’s salesman”, whose 1952 bestseller, The Power of Positive Thinking, urged followers: “Expect great things and great things will come.”

Among Peale’s cheery bromides, reportedly embraced by Donald Trump’s father, Fred, and later by Trump himself, is the oft-quoted challenge “Shoot for the moon, and, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

She can’t afford the rent, not yet. But to maximise her chances of moving in one day, she makes regular tours of the neighbourhood, checks out the local stores and landmarks

That idea today has high-profile champions. They include Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow. At the primary debate in Detroit last summer, she urged viewers, in an effusion of mystic-speak, “Say ‘yes’ to what we know can be true.” Another adherent is Lizzo, who insisted in Marie Claire last summer: “Everything in my life has been a manifestation. Like you really have to speak it.”

She is joined by a rising chorus of internet evangelists offering guidance and healing via Zoom and other virtual platforms. Business has picked up, says Courtney Love Gavin, 34, a life coach in Los Angeles. “I look at this time as being the Super Bowl for the coaching industry,” she says.

Gavin says that she teaches manifesting but prefers the term “coaching”. “You don’t want to lose people. You want to speak to them in their language,” he explains. 

Roxie Nafousi, 30, who practises as an emotional health adviser in London, does not apologise for a lack of formal training. “You don’t have to have qualifications to be a manifesting expert,” she says, adding brightly, “Like singers who were born to sing, I was born to help people.”

‘In recent months we’ve had an opportunity to pause, to look inward and reflect on our lives pre-pandemic, to consider the things we want to change’


A year ago, 100 people attended Nafousi’s manifesting workshop, she says; by November 2020, 400 attended a virtual workshop. “That’s because in recent months we’ve had an opportunity to pause, to look inward and reflect on our lives pre-pandemic, to consider the things we want to change,” she says. “We’ve never had so much time and space for self-development.”

Yet the practice of manifesting remains suspect and associated with youthful self-absorption. “It’s all about me,” says Fournier, who treats a number of 15-, 16- and 17-year-olds in her practice. She points to “a culture of specialness”: the use of spirituality to create this idea of being exceptional, supremely gifted. “The thought is ‘how can I use my spirituality to serve my own person?’” 

Such reservations have yet to put off the most ardent believers, some of whom have been projecting themselves conceptually into a covetable living space or long dreamed of destination.

“I have my eye on moving to New York City within a few years,” Langston says. She isn’t just dreaming, she says. “I get on Pinterest and save photos of what I want my life to look like, pictures of peoples’ decorated apartments, pictures of people wearing outfits, people who look like they belong in the city. I even use Google Street Views and picture myself in those neighbourhoods.”Read more

Louden’s goals are more circumscribed. “I’m sitting right now, manifesting this apartment that I want in downtown Los Angeles,” she says. She can’t afford the rent, not yet. But to maximise her chances of moving in one day, she makes regular tours of the neighbourhood, checks out the local stores and landmarks, writes in her journal and decorates the apartment in her head.

“I have so much faith that this will happen,” Louden says. Can you fault her? After all, she adds calmly, “I manifested the place that I’m living in now.”


Irony of Life

😊 Irony of life:

The Lawyer hopes You
get into trouble,

The Doctor hopes You
get sick,

The Police hopes You
become a Criminal,

The Teacher hopes You
are born Stupid,

The Landlord hopes You
don’t buy a House,

The Dentist hope Your
Tooth Decays,

The Mechanic hope Your
Car Breakdown,

The Coffin Maker wants
You dead………

Only a Thief wishes You
“Prosperity in life”
Also Wishes
“You have a Sound