Energy Management is Very Important

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“We often learn how to make a living but we don’t know how to make a life.”


Why is energy management important? 

When you don’t manage your energy, your career and work suffers, you lose your focus, your family and friends get affected too. You then start to feel guilty and act differently. You start losing yourself. “We put time limits on what we love and we end up doing what we don’t love for all of time”.
How to manage your ENERGY for OPTIMUM PRODUCTIVITY (focus on 1 first then another and another but always have focus on 1)

Energy Centers in Our Body

Energy management
Think ENERGY first! Don’t split your time but rather, split your energy.
Know what brings you up and know what brings you down.
Some facts:●     82% of businesses feel that they are not performing at ideal energy levels●     When we feel too energetic, we eventually burn out.
Energy levels which are too low and too high are not ideal — strike a balance! You have to have momentum and moments of relaxation and slowing down (refueling).
How to refuel and recharge:●     Schedule refuel and recharge time (e.g. weekly meditation classes, etc.)●     Double the time you think you need to refuel – a tip: gravitate towards positive people and where they are●     Write down what may happen if you don’t refuel (how will it affect different aspects of your life?)
“We are not machinery but inside, there is a machine.”
managing Negative energy
When a turtle is happy in its environment, it extends its limbs out of its shell as far as possible to soak up as much light as possible. When it’s under attack, it retracts its limbs into its shell to protect itself. Be that turtle.
If you had $86,400 and someone stole $400 from you, why would you spend your time and energy directing your focus on how it was stolen and who stole it when you still have $86,000? Same goes for the 86,400 seconds that are gifted to you everyday.
Negative energy can sap away your energy.
What if some of my friends or family members give out negative energy?
●     It’s okay to outgrow people who are not growing.●     Those who change their progressive journey and last are those who change their circle (of people around them).

  • (For family members) Spend time with them but preserve your energy.

Exclusive focus

To exclusively focus on a task or project is to pay FULL attention to it.

Your brain has two sides: the left and the right side.The left side is stable, statistics, logistics, level-headed.The right side is exploration, creativity, dynamics.Switching from one task to another at any one time is like switching on one side of the brain and switching off the other. It’s like running from the city to the countryside and back again.
Your brain can’t process two things at one time at productive levels. If you have too many apps opened in your phone, everything slows down and the same thing happens in our brain.
Do one thing at a time with FULL attention each time.
Recognising the race you need to run
We are so used to having so many instant things in our lives now that we forget that “it’s a marathon, not a sprint”. We spend so much time harping on this that we sap away our energy unnecessarily.
Success cannot be delivered to your doorstep. It cannot be pre-ordered. You need to walk away as far as possible from your own door to open up more doors, to open up more opportunities.
PATIENCE for the BIG things, IMPATIENT for the small things — BIG things being writing a book, working on a project, etc; small things being writing an article, etc.
Going all in on you
Not the same as Exclusive focus.
Albert Einstein once said: “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”.
Don’t try to be a professional pretzel — to force yourself into a mold that you clearly don’t fit in. Don’t try to be somebody you’re not. You can bend and adapt or try new things but don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not. Don’t get distracted by what others want you to be.
Strike a balance between stepping out of your comfort zone and staying true to who you are.

Your pace

Everyone has different levels of energy. Everyone lives on different energy levels. They express their energy in different ways.
For Jay when he is with someone one-on-one, his energy level: full focus, attention, awareness, deep thought, deep compassion, deep meditation and prayer for and with the other personFor me when i am on stage, my energy level: hyped! Like whoa!
Recognize what “energy” means for you.
Everyone has their own pace. For example, Morgan Freeman became an actor when he was 52.
What “your pace” means:
●     Don’t strive for perfection, strive for progression. You need to be growing on a daily basis.●     Trust your body. Listen to what it’s telling you. Refuel and recharge if you need to, then go out and give your energy productively.Find your FLOW — the highest level of brain energy where skills meet challenge. For example, Jay’s skills are to share wisdom and his challenge is to reach out to so many people. When he finds the meeting point between these two, he is in FLOW, he is in his element.
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