How to be an Early Riser Powerful Success Habit


How to be an Early Riser Powerful Success Habit


Some things to note before starting: often, you may think “I already know this!” When you say this, you are setting yourself up for destruction. There is a difference between knowing and learning. There is a difference between knowing and doing.
An early riser is someone who not only wakes up early but also someone who wakes up feeling energised, empowered, enthusiastic, enlivened, enlightened and focused.
Some facts:●     90% of successful executives in the world wake up before 6 am everyday●     50% of self-made millionaires wake up 3 hour before work everyday

Highly Sucessful Billionaires

 The EARLY riser (focus on 1 first then the next and so on)
E – Evening routine

 Your evening routine is as important as your morning routine.
The evening routine of the enlightened:
●     Stow away your phone at least 1 hour before your sleep time***●     Have a pair of specific clothes you go to sleep to — your body has memory and your clothes have energy●     To complete before bedtime: Reminders and Affirmations●     Eat at least 2 hour before bedtime
The morning routine of the enlightened:
●     Only use phone 1 hour after your wake up time●     Meditate●     Eat a breakfast that will provide enough energy to last you through to lunch●     Review (in terms of priority) and start tackling the to-do list you made from the night before●     Drink loads of water during the day (at least 2 Liter) — enough water gives you energy
A – Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful statements that empower you. They are like seeds you plant in your head which start growing when you sleep.
Write at least 3 down before you go to sleep and that way, when you wake up the next day, your affirmations start to kick in.An example: “I will wake up feeling focussed and energised!”
R – Reminders
Also known as your to-do list.
At the top, write down your top priority — something that makes you feel EXCITED!
L – Lead-up time to bedtime
●     Journal your pains / what to let go of (3 things) and what you are grateful for (3 things)●     Switch off device●     Environment of room should be as dark as the inside of a caveDrink loads of water
Y – Your right amount of sleep and your “Y
Know how much time you need to get a full rest.
Write down why you want to wake up earlier. The more motivated you are by your “why”, the more likely you are to stick to it.

How to wake up early:
●     Do it gradually — do not shock your system (when someone shocks you, you react)●     Go to bed and wake up 10 – 15 min earlier for a week then repeat
Habits are adopted by making small changes our TOP PRIORITY.

My main takeaway(s):

  1. Being an early riser is more of waking up early feeling empowered, enlightened, energized and less about waking up early. Both are important but it’s more important to wake up feeling empowered, enlightened and energized.
  2. You need to know WHY you are adopting any habit in your life in order to keep with it.

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