How to Live Life Stress-Free

How to Live Life Stress Free 

Why are we living stress free life? Stress is the major cause of  diseases as per the survey, how one can live stress free life?

When you are in nature, such as water, greenery, mountains, we feel so good and we instantly become stress free.

let me tell you story, few weeks before there were some marks on my car, so i went to the mechanic and he told me that it is running in an emergency mode, i asked why it is in an emergency mode? the mechanic told that because of some damage it is working but utilizing more energy with more power consumption, so try to fix this as soon as possible otherwise this car will be damage.

I thought of myself that when people goes in emergency mode, when they remain under stressful condition such that the body parts starts damaging.

Why people are under stress all the time? we know that 95% diseases which happens is due to stress (Psychologist Say)

Stress is very harmful for our life and health, so we need to get rid off that.

why this stress happens? because we want to achieve those goals which are not in our control and also not in out luck so we become stressful.

you know that lot of things are automatic. In survey from American University they told that you dont have 80% of life in your hands, you only have 20% of life which you can decide and think.
If 80% life is not in our control then why we are in 80% stressful condition? if you need to come in stress then take the stress for the things which is under your control that is 20%

80% is not in your control and if you dont believe this then lets take a challenge and try to stop the breathing which is automatic for 3 minutes or more by closing your nose, i am sure that you wont be able to do that after 1 minute only the body organs will force you to take breathe.

Meditation is the practice of observing breath

It means breathing is not in our control, we breathe in order to live life. To Breathe properly is to live properly.
Why we come in stressful condition, though lot of functions are automatically happening in our body?

Take Example of your body,

Our Human Body an Amazing Creation

1. your brain processes 400 billion bits of information in second, so much strong and powerful it is. Did you make it? Do we make run?we just have 2000 bits of information we are aware more than we dont know

2. have you ever think of your heart? 2 gallon blood is pumped into our organs in one second and 100 gallon blood is pumped by heart into the vessels in one minute.

3. our heart beats 3 billion time in an average life span, you tell me which electricity do you have which you have attached and its working?
without any electricity, it is nature through which your heart is working, 3 billion times your blood is pumped into your vessels

4. do you know the length of your vessels? they are 60000 miles long.

our body is having 100 trillion cells and out of them 10 million cells are dead in one second and in one second 10 million new cells are made.

After sometime our whole body takes new shape, are you doing all this? do you know in your cell in one second 10000 chemical changes happens. do you do this?
if we are not doing this and it is not in our control then why we are in stress?
your life is 80% in control of nature, so please let go of your all troubles and forget them. all happening is good, end this stressful living because when we end stress we have destroyed 95% diseases and we can live life to the fullest.

See in this Water, Greenery and Mountains doesnt cost you anything and i am not spending anything but if we spend 15 minutes in nature then surely we can get rid of stress

I wish you have amazing stress-free life, live life well and we can do it

Good Bye

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