My Favourite Life Mantras

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What is your idea of a life well-lived? Do you know the principles you wish to stay true to, the mantras you live your life by?

In an age when adages and sayings flow fast on all sides, when everyone is ready to shoot you with borrowed words and advice, I decided to think of the 10 maxims that have impacted my life, belief in which helps me along always. Here they are, not in any planned order…     ♦ This too shall pass
I remember reading this as a child in a Reader’s Digest article. It had tremendous impact on me to realize that every problem, difficulty or grief ultimately passes away, whether or not you do anything about it. Even troubles have a shelf-life. This mantra has been a great comfort over the years.     ♦ Everything is not about you
We are often unable to understand why others choose to hurt us. But we must understand that their decision may have been taken for other reasons unknown to us and they may have had no intention to hurt or cheat us. This makes forgiving and moving on easier. Had I understood and internalized this earlier, I could have saved myself a lot of heartburn over the years.     ♦ This is done. Now, what next?
Never hang up your boots. Instead, soon as one goal you set yourself is over, set your sights on another one. This lesson I learnt from my father who at every achievement would say, “Yes good! Now, what next?” That would irritate me then, but would keep me hungry and striving for more.     ♦ This is the time; this, the moment!
Whatever you put off for the ‘right time’ never gets done, because there is no right time other than the one right now — when the idea and the mood strike you. Do not put off the things that are important to you.     ♦ Stay honest, no matter what!
Honesty is a shield that is tough to pierce. Take pride in being a person of integrity. Early on, create your own code of ethics and stay honest to your principles. Honesty is indeed the best policy! You will never be left with any regrets.     ♦ Choose friends who make you happy, not stress you
There is enough stress in life without taking on friends who add to it. Choose friends who help lighten your day or help you feel better about yourself. That is what friendship is meant to be. Avoid people who are energy vampires or those who keep sharing their negativities.     ♦ Kindness never went unnoticed or unpaid
Make it your mantra to treat everyone kindly and fairly. Helping others is the only way to help you on. All your kindness and large-heartedness will revisit you in some way or the other. Just believe it. If nothing, at least you live with a clear conscience and peace.     ♦ Trust your instinct
You can have no better guide than your own instinct. It comes from a place of greater wisdom and the knowledge you have been imbibing all through life without even realizing. Quite often your best decisions are those you make instantly. When your whole being guides you towards a direction or a choice, go with it.     ♦ Fulfill your potential
The only promise you must make yourself is to ensure that you fulfill the potential you are born with and the one you have honed in your growing up years. Do not fritter away life on inconsequential things. Make sure you have done your duty to yourself and so towards your existence – make the most of your own endowments. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Use the former and guard against the latter.     ♦ Stay balanced through highs and lows
Keep the idea of success in your sights when low, but also remember to keep the ground within your sights when at the top. That will ensure that you stay hopeful in the leaner period and do not forget to stay grounded and modest when at the top. One will always follow the other – good times and bad times. A life well lived is when you stay balanced through it all.Now, how about sharing your 10 favourite


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