Positive Affirmation for Chakra Healing and Remove Financial Blockages from All Chakras

Positive Affirmation for Chakra Healing and Remove Financial Blockages from All Chakras
*Positive Affirmation for Chakra Healing:*

1) For Root Chakra – located at the base of the spine

“I am safe and secure in this world”

2) For Sacral Chakra – located below the navel area

“My creativity and sexual expression are a gift”

3) For Solar Plexus Chakra – located above the navel area

“No One person or situation has power over me”

4) For Heart Chakra – located at the center of the chest

“I Love and approved Myself”

5) For Throat Chakra – located at the throat region

“I voice from the heart and I am heard”

6) For Third eye Chakra – located between eyebrows

“I am open to knowing”

7) For Crown Chakra – located above the head

“THANK YOU to the universe for all that you have and all that you are about to receive”

Positive Affirmation for Chakra Healing and Remove Financial Blockages from All Chakras Remove Financial Blockages from All Chakras
Many of you may wonder, how come it’s about all chakras? Well, what if your work is based on your communication skills? Your Throat chakra needs to be active and clear. What if your income is based on your creativity? Your Sacral chakra needs to be worked on. Let’s see how can we clear all chakras for financial abundance.

1. Place your palms on Root Chakra (below the navel area) and say- “I am financially secured. All my financial insecurity is transmuted into positivity. The universe is the source of my income so I release all my worries to Universe”. (Removes insecurity)

2. Place your palms on Sacral chakra and say- “Creativity and creative ideas to enhance my work and to earn more money flows to me and through me effortlessly. (Brings creativity for finances)

3. Place your palms on Solar Plexus chakra and say- “I am confident about all my projects/business ideas/ability to earn more. I can handle all business or work deals confidently and calmly.” (Brings confidence and removes doubts)

4. Place your palms on the Heart chakra and say- “I love and respect my work. I give unconditional love to my work/business and finances”. (Removes the “I don’t like my work/ money is not good” kind of energy).

5. Place your palms on Throat chakra and say- “I clearly communicate with all my colleagues and business associates. I follow honesty and truth and I attract the same kind of people”. (Eliminate misunderstandings and lies)

6. Place your palms on Third Eye chakra and say- “I have great insight and big vision about my work, business, savings, and future. I follow my instinct because I know I am guided by God and the Angels.” (Clarity, bigger vision, trust intuition)

7. Place your palms together like a Namaste on top of  your head, that is Crown chakra and say- “I get Divine ideas from Universe to enhance my business and my God and Angels are always with me to help me and guide me”. (Faith in The universe, God, and Angels)

Follow the above method for 21 days. There is no time set for healing each chakra. Trust your intuition. Some chakras may require more energies than others.

Try this and share your feedback, would love to know your experience.😊🍀👍

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