Technology is Changing our Relationship with Nature

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Do you want to know importance of positivity in your life? if yes then this blog is  for you.

In this post i talk about the recent discovery of black hole image on 10th April 2019 through event horizon, this was really great we have progress so much in technology and development this was taken at distance of about 50 million light years.

Black Hole image was discovered through Event Horizon 

Einstein and Stephen hawking has spend their entire life behind black hole imagine what would be the case if they were alive today. Black hole is such that even gravitation cannot escape from it, we cannot take direct picture of black hole, that s the reason the image is blurry as taken from very far distance.

Mankind cannot beat nature, we need to respect nature and spend sometime in nature in our day to day life.

It is said that if one observe the image or video of nature for few minutes we automatically feel good, so imagine if we spend time in nature and place feet on ground what difference would it make.
so i encourage you to spend time in nature, nature heals everything. Nature teaches us everything limit the use of social media and try to become your greatest version.

How do You feel seeing this picture?

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