What is Lifelong Learning

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What is Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is the key to success almost all the successful people are lifelong learners. 

Why education first?

Reading Books is a great Habit

We spend an average of 78 years on earth and of that 78 years, we spend five to ten years on social media and TV.
We spend about 18 years learning how to make a living and 0 years learning how to make a life. When we don’t know how to make a life, our means of living suffer.
It’s important to note that here, we are talking about education first, and not education only.
The healthiest, wealthiest and wisest people in the world choose education first, over entertainment. Education unlocks our potential.
For Me, I merges the two (edutainment) but he still chooses education first.
“Education will compile like compound interest”.

Some myths about learning:●     We can learn for a period of time and apply what we’ve learnt then stop learning for another period of time and the process repeats. This is FALSE. Learning is continuous and it is consistent. We need to be pushed. We need constant reminders.●     We can do it all alone. This is FALSE. We need coaches and mentors to guide us.●     We will get the results fast! This is FALSE. You have to fall in love with the process and not the results.
The 5 ways you can be educated while being entertained (RAPTD):

Reading books 
The best books to read are self-development books.
“Reading books” here doesn’t mean to just read. It’s about focussed reading. The most successful people in the world are very specific in choosing what they want to read.
How to read a book:Read one section at a time. Read chapters, not a book. Dip in and dip out of the sections you need or don’t need to read. It’s like shopping for groceries. You go to the aisle that has the thing that you’re looking for. Same goes for reading a book: go to the section where you can find the answers to your questions / your problems / your needs.

The 3 top books that I recommend reading:1.     Start with Why by Simon Sinek2.     Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman3.     Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely
If you don’t like reading, listening to audiobooks is a great alternative. Again, listen to the sections that you need the most rather than listening to the whole book. Listening to audiobooks takes less time than reading a book.
 Listening to podcasts takes usually less time than listening to an audiobook.TED talks
Listening to a TED talk takes usually less time than listening to a podcast.
DocumentariesNetflix Documentaries

How to choose which way suits you best: learning what type of learner you are
The 4 types of learners:

Visual learners learn best through:
●     animations●     descriptions●     making relationships / linksstudying charts, graphs, visual statistics

Auditory learners learn best through…●     reciting information out loud to remember it●     listeninganswering questions about the information they’ve just learnt

Read and write learners learn best through:●     reading and writing / interacting with text●     writing notes while listening / watchingquizzes

Kinaesthetic learners learn best through:doing, getting involved, getting hands-on, roleplaying

The challenge for today: to choose education FIRST. Rewire your brain into choosing education first. Go through each of the RAPTD ways until you find the one that suits you best. Do this when you catch yourself on social media.
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