10 Self-care strategies you can do in 10 days

10 Self-care strategies you can do in 10 days

 1. make sleep a Priority

Nothing affects our ability to process and handle challenging situations more than adequate sleep. When we are well rested we are better equipped to keep your emotions in check, be productive, and Find Creative Solutions. Unfortunately, our busy schedule of a keep a good night’s rest at bay.
  today take the time to develop a nighttime routine and that is the habit of making Sleep priority
 2. Drink more water

Our society has a habit of reaching for diet soda over bottled Water, and this isn’t good. Sodas, coffee, and energy drink can be full of sugar and are often more dehydrating than they are hydrating. Water is an essential ingredient for our body to function properly and without it we feel both physical and mental effects
 today drink more water if you have a hard time drinking plain water try adding some lemon and mint for a refreshing and detoxifying facelift
 3. Move More

Everyone agrees that exercise is good for you it elevates your mood decreases stress and gives you more energy. So if we can all agree we should exercise more, why aren’t we? Lack of time is usually the response. Well, the good news is you can realize the benefits with as little as ten minutes a day. Surely we can find 10 minutes, right?
 Today go for walk 5-10 minute exercise on YouTube do some sketching at your dad whatever you too used to move more today than you did yesterday

4. Spend time with a friend

A solid social network makes us happier and there isn’t a better way to take care of ourselves then to spend time without friends. They hold our hands when we are sad, support us when we are scared, and make us laugh in dark times. Don’t wait until the next crisis spend time with people who matter
today schedule date for coffee or lunch with the close friend because it is the right thing to do
 5. Read a Book

 reading keeps our mind sharp and an active mind better equips us to handle stress and life challenges. be on a constant quest to learn and challenge the mind. It will contribute to more positive thoughts and a better outlook on life
 today pick book you have always wanted to read and read a page or ten
6. Enjoy Your Hobby

 Having time to do something just for the fun of it is the ultimate example of self-care everybody feels good when they are doing something they love. Taking up a hobby isn’t about mastering a skill it is about realizing the stress and Chaos of our day in an activity we enjoyed

 Today try something you always wanted to do something you love just for the fun it7. take a photo

photographs capture memories and memories remind us of important moments when you take the time to take pictures of our day it gives a chance to slow down and appreciate our surroundings
 today take a photo of the things that make you smile
 8.Seek Serenity

 Finding quiet recharges our natural energy and our natural energy is what propels us through our day. In the midst of quiet, we can let go of the chaos around us and focus on feeling our body with cleansing breaths. It will leave us feeling more cantered and more optimistic.
 today takes five minutes and finds some quiet. place and let your mind wander as you focus on your breath
 9. Spoil Yourself

Spoiling ourselves is not self-indulgence it is necessary it’s important when we take the time to remind our self that we are special and deserving of good in our lives when we treat ourselves well and when we believe we have earned it more opportunities of abundance will begin to appear
 today do something special just for you because you do it
10. Practice Gratitude

A big part of self-care is being grateful for all the good in our life when we take the time to practice the gratitude we are changing our mind-set an hour window of the world
 Today take the time to honor themes you are grateful for in your life journal photography and spend time in somewhere drinking attention to it doing this might be the best self-care strategy of all

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