5 ways to build a better relationship

5 ways to build a better relationship

“changing the water of the plant makes it grow”
The greatest relationship we can have is with ourselves before we can love anybody, we must begin to love ourselves.

5 ways to build a better relationship

The five ways to build a better relationship are communication, appreciation, passion, trust, and fun.

1. Communication – The voice is the essence, how we speak to our partner is essential in building a closed bond. words hold power, its not the words you use but the energy behind the words. words mold and shape matter, using words to heal one another, bring the best out of our relationships. nurturing each other starts with creating free time for one another to express our true feelings.

2. Appreciation – do not take your partner for granted, appreciating your love is a great way to create a harmonious relationship. when we forget to value each other we become complacent and end up throwing away the very person we cherish. keeping alive the flame of love requires tremendous dedication and praising your partner every now again will bring you to close together.
3. Passion – Deep passion is the driving force of any relationship, the more passion you have, the more relationship thrives. to cultivate passion we must tap into our infinite power by eating healthy organic foods and placing ourselves in an environment which uplifts our spirits. The more energy we can access, the more passion energy is available to us both. as soon as our energy level decrease our passion begins to wither away like the leaves of a branch.

4. Trust – Trust is essential while building a better relationship. we can only lose what does not belong to us, you cannot force love. owing someone else is an illusion, you can capture the body but never the heart – that has to be given to you. respecting each other to walk in our freedom is showing how trust can be used, so you both can see a deeper beauty within each other.

5. Have Fun – Building a better relationship is having fun with your partner. Be silly, play games, have a little dance or two. keeping alive the inner child within each other will bring you both to the first time you set eyes on each other… that magical moment. the magic will begin to blossom, when you can laugh and smile with each other, not taking life so seriously. remember to have fun is to open your heart, both of your hearts will grow with love and you both will be flying in – pure euphoria.


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