My 50 Book Recommendations

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1.Rich Dad Poor Dad – buy from amazon –

2.The Millionaire Fastlane – buy from amazon –

3.The Intelligent Investor –

4.Tax-Free Wealth –

5. The 5 am club –

6.Why a Students Works For c Students –

7.The Richest Man In Babylon –

8.Think & Grow Rich –

9.F.U. money –

10.Experts Secret –

11.- 80/20 sale –

12.a random walk down wall street –

13.against the god –

14.attitude is everything –

15.built to last –

16.cashflow quadrant –

17.Chetan bhagat three mistakes of my life –

18.real estate investing for dummies –

19.common sense on mutual funds –

20.copywriting dan Lok

21.crushing it garyvee –

22.dan Lok influence 47 forbidden –

23.debt free for life –

24.dotcom secrets – statement analysis –

26.give & take –

27.goals by Brian Tracy – to be a 3% man – to buy and sell in real estate for financial freedom – to make money with youtube to win friend and influence people – to stop worrying and start living – to think like benjamin graham and invest like warren buffet –

34.i will teach you to be rich –

35.real estate market valuation and analysis –

36.traders laboratory – 

37.why some entrepreneurs get rich but most don’t –

38.millionaire real estate agent –

39.your money or your life –

40.get rich live rich die rich master the game – up on wall street –

43.own your own corporation –

44.real estate learn to success the first time – dad prophecy – dad conspiracy of the rich – dad guide to investing –

48.increase your financial IQ – kid smart kid – dad real-life success story –


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