Short Story – Jail

today I am going to share a short story which may help you to be grateful for what you already have in your life

Man in prison hands of behind hold Steel cage jail bars. offender criminal locked in jail.

there was a person named Ramesh, he always thinks why me when he suffered from any difficulty in life, he was not satisfied with what he already has with him and by profession he was a reporter so one day he went to investigate abut some ongoing case in to the jail.

when he visited jail on one sunny afternoon, there what is found was shocking just like in the movie there was a big gate and he went inside with the jailor he was asked to keep all his belongings outside only but this time it was no problem for him to keep away all belongings it all seem normal as he was very much eager to go inside jail.

when he got inside he saw two kids playing there and he asked jailor what were the kids doing here and jailor replied that this kids were born in jail only because when her mother was pregnant she was admitted here and she gave birth to these children the man was shocked hearing this

we all think of having free life but what about this type of people in lockdown also we feel prisoners what about this who are born prisoners and who haven’t seen outside world, we always take the things for granted but we must be grateful for what we have and don’t think about what we don’t have then only our life will be amazing and meaningful and we will live the life to the fullest

if you like this kind of stories then let me know in the comments your thoughts and I will be posting more of such content. thanks for reading—- peace

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