Both Husband and Wife are Important

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There was a Nawab in ancient times. He was highly respected in the home, family and society. One day the Nawab told his Begum that you are respected everywhere because of me. The wife replied that in a minute I could ruin your honor. Show that Nawab spoke well by doing so. After a while, their anger subsided and a few days passed.
One evening the Nawab was sitting in a mehfil with his friends. Then the sound of his son crying was coming from the room inside. Nawab asked Begum what happened, why are you annoying the child?
Begum replied from within that he was asking for this mess. When he has eaten with full stomach. The Nawab said well then give him some mash.
Begum said that there are other people in the house, how can I give all the mess to the child?
All these things were being heard by the friends of the Nawab. He wondered what kind of Nawab this was, quarreling for a little mess at home. All the friends stood up quietly and left. The Nawab understood that his honor had been tarnished by the Begum today.
He went to Begum and said that she had proved her point. Now show me my honor back. The wife said well call your friends again tomorrow.
The next day the Nawab’s friends came again and again the sound of the baby crying came. Nawab asked Begum what happened to her today? Begum from inside replied crying for kheechadi again today.
The Nawab said, “Okay, feed him too and bring it for my friends.”

Begum immediately took a servant and came in a big bowl. Friends noticed that this was no ordinary mess. Items like dried fruits, dates, pistachios, cashews, almonds, raisins etc. were visible in the mash. All the friends thought that Nawab Sahib did not have the answer.
Nawab Saheb’s honor increased again because of his wife.

  • Lessons *
    This story teaches that both husband and wife are equally important in marriage. The husband should also appreciate his wife’s feelings. Without the cooperation of the wife, the husband cannot be respected in the home, family and society.


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