Fathers Last Wish

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  • 🧑🏼‍🦯 Father’s last wish * The * advice * given by the dying * father * that the son’s life has changed, * everyone should read * Was a very * rich family *. The * head of the family * fell ill. So he called his * son * to himself and said that son is my * last wish * to keep me wearing this * torn sock * (socks) when my * final journey * is taken out when I die. And may this wish be fulfilled. And in a short time, my father * died *. So the son told the * Pandit * who came home his father’s * last wish *. Panditji said that in our religion, nothing can be worn by anyone in a * funeral *. But the son had taken a * vow * to fulfill his * father’s last wish *. Slowly the word reached the pundits of the whole city. But no Pandit gave this * permission *. And in the end no * decision * came. So the son became * disappointed *. So out of all the men standing there, * one man * came close to the son. And in the son’s hand his father gave him a * paper * written. The son * began to * read * the paper * with wet eyes * and wrote in it, * “My dear son *, you must be seeing that we have * a lot of money, bungalows, cars * everything but I also Can’t take along One day you too will have to face * death * like me, from now on you will have to become * smart *, you too will have to go only in a * white cloth *. Therefore, try not to hurt anyone for * money *, do not * accumulate * wealth in the wrong way, use money only in * work of religion *. Everyone has the * right * to know that only * karma * goes with * after the body is released *. But still man * runs * behind * money * until he * dies *. My son, remember some things for the rest of your life, such as never answer with your mind to those who are talking to you from the heart. It is common to make * 50 friends * in a year. But maintaining * friendship * with a friend for * 60 years * is a special thing. * Life * does not change in a minute. But after * thinking * for a minute, writing * decision * changes the whole life. ”
    Don’t hurt anyone ….
    Don’t play with feelings
  • Don’t be rude, Be always kind to every living creature. *


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