Dedicated to all Father’s- Dad is there

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Dad is there … !!

Were at my birth
To all enthusiasts ..,
Silently in a corner
Were standing a ..,

Everyone just fell in love
The hospital bills
What was left …,

  • Dad is the only one … * Scratching the stomach
    I was filled,
    How many times have I been at home,
    Step by step
    Afraid, but …
    I didn’t worry if I fell,
    Because …
  • Dad is the only one … * Remember Nishal
    The first day …
    When i cried
    Putting a poke …
    At the school door,
    I’m scared ..,
    Of these books
    In the forest,
    Also knew that
    Hand holder …
  • Dad is the only one … * I was writing in slate
    Life lessons every day,
    Erasing and improving
    I forget
    If not improve don’t forget,
    The knot will not be untied
    So to solve it all,
  • Dad is there .. * The first bicycle, scooter
    In the first car
    Holding the steering wheel
    Ran together,
    If I slip
    These are the ways of life
    But somewhere …,
    Holding hands
  • Dad is the only one … *
  • I left you to study *
  • Fodi laish *
    On this dialog
    Completed the whole study,
    Books, clothes
    Pocket Money Timesar
    To pay the incoming fee
  • Dad is the only one … * No frugality or raw material
    Don’t make me a good man
    Those who created,
    Hands lost
    Grabbed and raised
  • Dad is the only one … * Marriage after job
    Then made my home
    Who never turned back
    Don’t see
    If anything is missing
    I’ll bring it
    Haiyadharan giver
  • Dad is the only one … * Who made me big
    Without any embarrassment,
    Spent the whole
    Aykhun mnu,
    But still nothing happens,
    So come and tell me ..,
    You don’t mind ..,
  • Tara pappa to che j ne * How many times lost
    In the stakes of life,
    I played twice,
    Gamblers in many games,
    Toi constantly to win me over
    Mathta ne ..,
    Anything happens …,
    I have only one problem K …..,
  • Dad is the only one … *
    What is this dad? * Dad is just a name?
    Dad is just a look?
    Dad is just a position?
    Dad is just in the biodata
    The existence behind the name?
    No. 2. Pappa is an even more practical inspirational book than the Puranas of God … Our biggest problem is reading many of our Puranas
    And understands but can’t read Dad sitting at home … With credit to the profile in the name of this dad
    Don’t take too much .. The society that considers mother as God understands only father ..
    Because this dad someday nominates himself for the category of God
    Not done.
  • “Beware if you have done so … *
  • Let your father come .. *
  • I will say everything “Such sentences *
  • Every mother must have told her child in her childhood from time to time …. *
  • And even if not released, the father who earns for the family in that office becomes an unknown enemy of the child. And this inadvertent relationship with the offspring lasts a long time. *
  • In many cases, by the time the true value of the father is understood, the father has become a photo hanging on the nail. * The rest of the father is a God who does not have to fast, fast or sing hard verses to live … The living God is present to support our shoulders in our troubles. One written by Dr. Nimit Ojha
    It is a good thing to remember that if a pit comes out of the house and falls, it is called “O Maa” but when a truck crosses an unfamiliar road and comes close to it, “O Baap Re” just falls from my mouth. Proof is that mother is remembered in small problems … but in difficult and big problems of life only father is remembered. The art of recognizing a best friend by the name of Dad is mostly not taught in youth, except that at this age, Dad considers it more than teaching. A father may be working part time but his parents may be working full time .. because a father who plows in the field or in the office * working overtime is finally ready to give all the facilities to his son or daughter …. *
  • A father who gets tired of the mistakes made in our youth does not get annoyed and retires from paternity .. We have to teach him something from time to time because in life we ​​should not fill in the gaps where he has followed ….. * Efforts to keep our intelligence intact without disturbing the budget of the intellect
    Keep doing it .. for this reason a
    Mostly adopts a strict attitude and Atlej is in the chest of fifty-six
    Lissu butter is not known to most of us. This dad is not an order to turn off the TV at 3 o’clock and sit forcibly to study, but one that explains the value of education.
    Quote ..
  • This daddy means the squeaky squeaking sound of a continuous swing until he comes home at night …. * This daddy is the seal of strictness worn on the whale even more than the mommy.
  • This daddy means once he eats, he hides it from his mother and gives it to her a second time … * This dad is a personality who becomes our style icon even though he is not doing fashion …. This daddy means we never fell
    A strong hand holding the back of the bicycle seat not letting go …
  • After all, Daddy means Daddy… If you just look like this, nothing and if you look like this, everything … *
  • There is still time..if the emotional address of the father’s name is alive and spreading its sweetness at home, then finish this article and go and meet him once without any reason …. * A book called Daddy will add a nice fun page that you will love to read for the rest of your life.
  • Dedicated to All fathers … ✍ *


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