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When a brother was 7 years old, his wife passed away.

Relatives persuaded him to remarry
He denied it all, saying that he had only one son
That son is my wife’s gift to me.

I will take good care of it and raise it and my life will be cut short in it.

When the son grew up, he got married well and left all the business to his son and retired.

A year after their son’s wedding, they sat down to dinner one morning before leaving for their son’s office.

After starting the meal, he said to Vahu, “If Vahu has yoghurt, give it to me?”

The son’s wife replied that there was no yogurt.

The answer was heard as the son entered the house.

Dad ate and the couple sat down to eat.

The wife also serves yoghurt by filling a cup with other items at the meal.

The son did not respond but landed on his way to the office.

A few days later the son said to his father, “Dad, you have to come to court with me today.

Today is your remarriage.

Dad said, “Son, I don’t need a wife at this age and I love you so much that you don’t need a mother either.”

What work after a second marriage?

The son replied-
“Dad, I’m not bringing a mother for me or a wife for you.”

I’m just making yogurt for you.

From tomorrow I will be living in a rented house with my wife and taking salary as an employee in your office so that your son-in-law understands the value of yogurt


Mother, father use ATM for children. Can be a card.

So children should also become Aadhar card for parents, right? 😥😥?

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