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Health is Wealth

Health is 70% diet and only 30% exercise

it is said that health is wealth if your health is good you can do anything in your life

how to achieve sound help then Everything depends on our habits so if we want to change ourselves we need to change habits

the most important thing you can do to make your cycle like that of sun wake up at the time of sunrise and sleep at the time of sunset also keep your waiting and sleeping time constant in that way you are training your subconscious

the next step you can do is exercise everyday if you are not comfortable that start with baby steps every day and increase the duration of exercise

so now you have figured out important things that impacts your health then next step is to change our dad change your food which plant based food food which are having levinson and will help your body with essential vitamins minerals and nutrients get rid of processed food and junk food they are lightweight no yuuutsu body

next comes the things you can do every morning after you wake up to kick start your day

firstly have water of about 1.25 litre on an empty stomach even without brushing your teeth taking that night saliva benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning

below are some of the benefits

next put timings are very important for your help you are what you eat think and drink so have breakfast like a king lunch like lunch like Prince and dinner like beggar make sure you it is correct timings like that of son having breakfast around 8 to 9 a.m. lunch around to 2:30 p.m. dinner around 8 p.m.

make sure you don’t drink water after and email directly because it harms the digestive process you can drink water after 1 hour and 30 minutes of mean one can drink water before meals though

When you are having meal make sure to include vegetables along with your regular diet
vegetables like cucumber, tomato etc. this will help you not to over do it and will keep you hunger free for a long time. one can have 60% mean and 40% vegetables ratio

now that you have gained knowledge about basics of health it’s time to have some extent ITI electrician if possible includes nuts in your snacks nuts like Almonds catching bonnet raisins

till now we have covered about physical health your body healthy 70% depends on diet and 30% on exercise

if you are above the age of 40 I would recommend you to have your blood test twice in the year

if you want to lose the fat I want to the remedy coming up if you want to get rid of diabetes blood pressure and have a great content stay tuned

The good news is with the help of diet only you can reverse blood pressure diabetes or any other diseases

Everything in this universe is energy and sun is the greatest source of energy

So if one wants to become healthy then one must be in accordance with the sun

When sun rises its energy is high same is the case with us, during morning time we have highest energy levels and it decreases in the evening just as sun sets in the evening

Sun gazing has immense benefits, due to this reason only, vitamin d can only be obtain while taking sunbath

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