How to Find Your Life Purpose

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How to Find Your Life Purpose

the most important thing One needs to know Is what is your purpose of life if you don’t have purpose in your life it is very much difficult to live life to the fullest because when you know your purpose you can work on it and hello a great life

there are lot of people who are rich but they don’t know the purpose of their life if you want to know purpose of your life there are few of the questions you need to ask on everyday basis

first who am I you will ask this question everyday on a regular basis and practice this insistently until you fine a perfect answer and when you are doing this process you will be getting so many answers so many feelings so many thoughts and all that you can put down into your journal in monitor on regular basis until you find the link which led to a particular answer

then next question to ask is what I want to do in my life this is also you can ask yourself many time on regular basis and have it in asali note down whatever comes to your mind into the journal and try to brainstorm it to think on it until you reach a particular answer and this answer will be given by your subconscious mind only but the most important thing is ask yourself these questions everyday

the next person you can ask please for whom I am doing the work for for whom I am doing what I am currently doing this question also you can ask on everyday basis and you can repeat asking this questions regularly and note down all the thoughts feelings ideas whatever comes to your mind and you can practice this questions specifically when you are king of in the early morning time for going to your bed at the night time

the next question you can ask what do people required from what I am doing for what people need from me from what I am doing this again follows the same pattern you can ask this yourself on regular basis each and every day and note down all the things that comes into your mind particular emotion thought feeling whatever note down until you find correct answer on a particular answer

the next in last question you can ask please what is the outcome of what I am doing how can one benefit from what I am doing as this everyday until you find a correct answer from down all the thoughts emotion feeling whatever comes to your mind any Jadu you will become more clear what is your purpose of life why are you leaving this type of life why are you doing what you are doing what you have come here do what is your role in this universe.

so these were some of the questions you can note down always and try to get as many answer as possible and delete to one particular Answer all these questions and your life will be much simpler more more meaningful and you will become your greatest version

so if you are able to find your purpose in life I encourage you to share this to others also and leave your thoughts in the comment section and let me know

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