Is it CULT or something else?

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Is it CULT or something else?

Yesterday I was watching the Netflix documentary name Cults Explained and in that I found that there are a lot of Cults right now going on whether it is in terms of religion or for some charismatic personality. What is Cult? actually well Cult is is tribe, influencer or a personality having huge followers and people are able to do anything the personality of the influencer conveys them to do

It was showing that people were able to kill themselves. This cult leader or famous personality, charismatic leader plays with the psychology of humans and urges the mind to believe in certain things and people are ready to give up such as an impact of CULT.

Cults can be anywhere whether it can be on internet whether it is social or whether it is in some kind of religion, the people which were having the same belief gets together to follow each other building a tribe or a community and the leader which is responsible for this community is called the CULT leader this was explain in the documentary

but Is it CULT or something else?

Cult is not a bad word, but due to what’s happening currently in this world its meaning has changed. Teal Swan was seen as cult leader who has large followers on Youtube and she encourages people to suicide this was shown in the doicumentary of BBC too. There are several other influencers who are building their followers, community and tribe by changing the belief systems of the people. Due to which people ask the question to themselves that whatever they are doing or following till now is not correct and what the CULT leader asks them to do is correct.

When i started to figure out what is the root cause of this i discovered that lot of people are feeling lonely in their life which made them to surf internet in order to find happiness and due to which they search different topics on youtube and try to change their state of mind, so the problem is not the cult but the mindset of the people which needs some repair.

Is it CULT or something else?

Some religious gurus are also blamed for this, in the religious movements in India. But one must be open-minded and take the decisions with proper knowledge and understanding. Be careful for what information you consumed on the Internet, not everything glitters in gold

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