Do this If you Want People to Love You

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Do this If you Want People to Love You

if you want people to love you then do these things, these can be your ways to make people like you

there are four C’s which you don’t need to do if you want people to like you this also corresponds to the law of attraction which works in this universe and also under reiki principles.

the first C – Criticism

Never Criticize – stop criticism it is very well mentioned that if you want people to like you never criticize anyone. in his book how to win friends and influence people Dale Carnegie says, “if you want to gather honey don’t kick the beehive”. people hate when you criticize them

the second C – Complaint

Never Complaint – Stop complaining what you don’t have and be grateful for what you have. people don’t like those who complaint for any circumstances or thing which they don’t have. so, stop complaining always have abundance mindset universe itself is abundance. stop blaming other people and circumstances instead you are responsible for everything that happens in your life take 100% responsibility.

the third C – Cry

Never Cry – people hate those who cry, who suffer from depression, who are in stress. so, if you are the one then please get rid of it immediately. there are lot of ways you can remove stress from your life I have written many posts you can check that out. if you are great from inside then outer look doesn’t matter. eliminate stress and be free being free is our birth right

the fourth C – Compare

never compare – do you compare yourself to others if yes then people haters those who compare, you don’t know what other person life is? life is a journey and everyone has its own path. no two fingers are the same then why to compare to others.

the Fifth C – Compliment

always compliment someone every day in your daily routine, be the reason of someone’s smile. life is too short to hate anyone. make this a habit and you will find that more people get attracted to you at the same time your personality changes

now these all resonates with the reiki principles which states that

  1. For today I won’t be angry – cry
  2. For today I won’t worry – complaint
  3. For today I will be kind to others – criticize
  4. For today I will work with honesty – compare
  5. For today I will be kind to others – compliment
    These are also applicable if you want to manifest or attract anything you want into your life through the law of attraction.
    So, remember all these C’s and start practising them on daily basis and you will find that your life is more abundant with great things happening.

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