Sticky Notes – A Short Story

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Sticky Notes – A Short Story

There was a boy Krrish who used to go for a walk everyday nearby his home garden one day what you found was appended along with a sticky note hanging on the tree and on the sticky notes it was written looking for a life partner like you on seeing this he was really shocked and also he wants to get involved into this unknowns stuff

Sticky Notes – A Short Story

so on another day again went to the same place and made his sticky note as you want to like a person like me??

walking vs regular routine everyday use to go for a walk in the same garden at the same time so on the third day he found again the answer to his sticky note and it was written that yes life partner like you after seeing this he became so curious that he wanted to know who this unknown person is?

so we thought why not start a conversation with this person so he went to the garden every day and played his series of questions through sticky notes team like that of an unknown person and in return, he used to get all the answers from the unknown person. this conversation was done through sticky notes

questions such as what kind of life partner you want? do you know me? Who are you?

The type of conversation continued and in the end, decided to ask for meeting this unknown person so we asked when we met and all the other day he got a reply. Let’s meet at 9:00 a.m.

he was too excited and eager to meet this unknown person he is now able to know this person to series of questions

he wanted to check whether ever answer he has received is true and the person who he is about to meet his serial or is there someone who is playing the friend to with him what actually is the truth you wanted to know that

according to the decided time he went to that place looking for that unknown person and what he found was really shocking he found that the unknown person was a girl very beautiful very fast Soha we couldn’t believe and so he decided to talk with their deeply

he asked why are you looking for a life partner you are so good looking you can get anyone the girl answer that I am looking for someone who can understand me better than myself

and I didn’t found anyone who is having the same interest for a salary like that of me who is just 13 twin flame like me

so I decided to find someone who threw this way and I have found you.

Fee for the US what made you do this by placing a sticky note the girl reply that I was the universe I have any intention and I know that if you have any intention without any negative feeling and you trust the universe then the universe will help you to manifest the person in your life so with this objective I started to be put the sticky notes your know that someone can find me and I can finally the person like me

the boy was so happy and he finally decided to marry her in this way the love story got a better ending

the motto of the stories just like these two people met we are also looking for our Soulmate all team flame on social media every day searching for an unknown person looking for someone to be our life partner just as they need to do conversation on sticky notes we do the same on social media Facebook Instagram

but the actual meeting but the actual relation is when you meet in person when you see that person in front of you went to when you meet the person face to face when you spend the time more does the building block of any relationship so the long-distance relationship doesn’t make any difference the long-distance relationship won’t help you to last for long as compared to the two people meeting in person face to face understanding better communication is the key

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