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5 tips for wealth creation

Wealth is not just about money. Wealth is not just about making money online. Wealth is a reflection of what money can do for you, the lifestyle you can create, the legacy you build through your business. The fact of the matter is that wealth is the result of using money wisely. This statement may surprise many, but it is true.

Wealth is about lasting security, freedom, and peace of mind. Learning the culture of wealth, its language, and building a relationship that will last a life-time, requires time. Let’s face it; we live in a time-deficit society, starving ourselves of the real values of living.

So, how can you find time to start a budding romance with wealth?

The answer: you just do it. As with any relationship, there is a period of courtship. You must court the idea of possessing wealth subconsciously. What does that look like for you? Lifestyle is the biggest indication of wealth and the wisest people use investment strategies that protect their money in the long-term.

Tips for Wealth Creation

1. Commitment – The primary pre-requisite to wealth has nothing to do with money – it’s about commitment. This is the force that makes everything else happen.

2. Organisation – Once you are committed, you must then organise your life to support you in your plan.

3. Plan – Your action plan is critical to your success. A plan directs all your decisions to accomplishing your goal.

4. Learn – Enrich yourself as a student of building wealth by reading books on the economy and how it all works. Develop a thorough understanding of money and how it is used in our economic affairs.

5. Save More Than You Spend – This should be part of the action plan. There are ways to enjoy life until you reach your financial goals which then expands your vision of living a wealthy lifestyle. Personally, I make it a MUST to pay myself first – whenever I get my first pay-check! I’ll pay myself 20% of my overall income, then use the rest for other necessities. Of course, anything more is good and if you haven’t started, try starting at 5%! 

“Wealth longs to be pursued by a prudent and wise suitor. Take the time to learn how to make it your partner in life.”

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