How your focus affects the Law of Attraction

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How your focus affects the Law of Attraction

We are always focused on something. Even when we don’t realize it. You may be focused at a conscious level or a sub-conscious level. And always at a vibrational level.

This means we are ALWAYS manifesting whether we realize it or not.

The important question is … what are you focusing on?

Where you focus goes your energy flows.

Where energy flows, your life will show.

If you focus on all the wrong, you will attract more things going wrong.

If you focus on what you don’t have, you will attract more lack.

If you focus on wanting things, you will always be in want.

If you focus on things “coming to you”, they will always be in the future.

Our natural tendency is to focus on the bad, what’s wrong, and the problems. This is how we survive and get through the day.

But if you want to thrive, you need to shift your focus and energy to what’s going right and what will go right.

I have a lot of friends who are authors and speakers. Some have become very successful while others are still struggling or not moving forward at all.

When I was learning the skill and art of public speaking, I would enter speech competitions to improve my ability. I often made it to the semi-finals but I never came home with the first place title.

This was frustrating, but I didn’t let it slow me down. I still sought out every speaking opportunity because I knew I would go pro. I was focused on the outcome. Eventually, I got my first paid speaking gig that paid $200. And then I got another and another. Eventually, I was getting paid top dollar. I crossed over the massive canyon between “wanting” to be a professional speaker and making a great living as a professional speaker.

Why am I telling you this?

Every one of those people who beat me on the stage in the speech competitions is still in their day job they do not like, even though they all dream of going pro. I admit, they are more polished speakers than I am and they learned how to win on the stage, but they never believed they could be a professional speakers. In other words, they focus on the wrong thing and they don’t understand why they are stuck dreaming about it instead of living it.

They focused on the “distance” to the finish line and not the finish line. They focused on the challenges and obstacles rather than the dream that they want.

What changed my life is going to a speaker’s event. The main speaker was traveling the world, making great money, and loving his life. But as a speaker, he was not a very good presenter. Not nearly as good as my speaker friends wining the speech competitions. And yet, he is living his dream.


Because he is focused on his dream and de-focused on the problems and challenges. Here is an important part. He may not be a great public speaker, but he is a good speaker and his clients love him and keep rehiring him.

Once you start focusing on the completed goal or dream as if it is already a reality, you will be magnetized toward that reality. It will become inevitable that it will be true.


Those who achieve remarkable goals and dreams have learned how to harness the 3 levels of their mind. The conscious, sub-conscious, and vibrational mind. When this happens, anything is possible.” … Croix

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