Life Lessons from My Grandfather

Life Lessons

  1. life isn’t fair but it’s still good
  2. when in doubt just take the next small step
  3. life is too short not to enjoy it
  4. your job won’t take care of you when you are sick, your friends and family will
  5. don’t buy the stuff you don’t need
  6. you don’t have to win every argument, stay true to yourself
  7. cry with someone its more healing than crying alone
  8. it’s ok to get angry with God he can take it
  9. save for things that matter
  10. when it comes to chocolate resistance is futile
  11. make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present
  12. it’s ok to let your children see you cry
  13. don’t compare yourself to others you have no idea what their journey is all about
  14. if a relationship has to be a secret you shouldn’t be in it
  15. everything can change in the blink of an eye but don’t worry god never blinks
  16. take a deep breath it calms the mind
  17. get rid of anything that isn’t useful clutter weighs you down in many ways
  18. whatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger
  19. it’s never late to be happy. but it’s all up to you and no one else
  20. when it comes to going after what you love in life, don’t take no for an answer
  21. bum the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie, don’t save it for special occasions. today is special
  22. over-prepare, then go with the flow
  23. be eccentric now don’t wait for old age to wear purple
  24. the most important sex organ is the brain
  25. no one is in charge of your happiness but you
  26. frame every so-called disaster with this world, “In five years will this matter?”
  27. always choose life
  28. forgive but don’t forget
  29. what other people think of you is none of your business
  30. time heals almost everything give time to time
  31. however good or bad a situation is, it will change
  32. don’t take yourself so seriously no one else does
  33. Believe in Miracles
  34. God loves you because of who God is not because of anything you did or didn’t do
  35. don’t audit life show up and make the most of it now
  36. growing old beats the alternative – dying young
  37. your children get only one childhood
  38. all that truly matters, in the end, is that you loved
  39. get outside every day. miracles are waiting everywhere
  40. if we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s we had grab ours back
  41. envy is a waste of time. accept what you already have. not what you think about what you need
  42. the best is yet to come
  43. no matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up
  44. yield
  45. life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift
  46. you get in life what you have the courage to ask for
  47. life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated
  48. an unexamined life is not worth living
  49. to live is the rarest thing in the world. most people exist. that is all

Short Story – Jail

today I am going to share a short story which may help you to be grateful for what you already have in your life

Man in prison hands of behind hold Steel cage jail bars. offender criminal locked in jail.

there was a person named Ramesh, he always thinks why me when he suffered from any difficulty in life, he was not satisfied with what he already has with him and by profession he was a reporter so one day he went to investigate abut some ongoing case in to the jail.

when he visited jail on one sunny afternoon, there what is found was shocking just like in the movie there was a big gate and he went inside with the jailor he was asked to keep all his belongings outside only but this time it was no problem for him to keep away all belongings it all seem normal as he was very much eager to go inside jail.

when he got inside he saw two kids playing there and he asked jailor what were the kids doing here and jailor replied that this kids were born in jail only because when her mother was pregnant she was admitted here and she gave birth to these children the man was shocked hearing this

we all think of having free life but what about this type of people in lockdown also we feel prisoners what about this who are born prisoners and who haven’t seen outside world, we always take the things for granted but we must be grateful for what we have and don’t think about what we don’t have then only our life will be amazing and meaningful and we will live the life to the fullest

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Inspirational Story

Beautiful Inspirational Story ..Life is beautiful with friends and family.

A man, who regularly attended family meetings suddenly, without any notice, stopped participating.
After a few weeks, one very cold night the leader of that group decided to visit him.
He found the man at home, alone, sitting in front of a fireplace where a bright fire burned.
The man welcomed the leader. There was a great and calm silence.
The two men only watched the dancing flames around the logs that crackled in the fireplace.
After a few minutes the leader, without saying a word, examined the logs that formed the fire and selected one of them, glowing most brightly of all, and removed it to the side with a pair of tongs. Then he sat down again.
The host was paying attention to everything, fascinated. Before long, the lone member flame subsided, until there was only a momentary glow and the fire soon went out.
In a short time what was previously bright light and heat had become nothing more than a black and a dead piece of wood.
Very few words had been spoken since the greeting.
Before preparing to leave, the leader with the tongs picked up the useless piece of wood and placed it again in the middle of the fire. Immediately, the member piece of wood was rekindled, fuelled by the light and heat of the burning coals around him.
When the leader reached the door to leave, the host said: ‘Thank you for your visit and for your beautiful lesson. I’ll return to the group soon.’
Why is a group important in our lives ?
Very simple:
Because each member that withdraws takes fire and heat from the rest.
It’s worth reminding group members that they are a part of the flame.
It’s also good to remind us that we are all responsible for keeping each other’s flame burning.
And we must promote the union among us so that the fire is really strong, effective and lasting. Keep the fire burning.
It doesn’t matter if sometimes we are bothered by so many messages, quarrels and misunderstandings.
What matters is to be connected. We are here to meet, learn, exchange ideas or simply to know that we are not alone.*
Let’s keep the flame alive.
Life is beautiful with friends and family.


Are you eating to live or die?

Are you eating to live or die?

A lot of people are eating processed foods, junk food which can lead to several health problems

A few years ago I was also having the same habits, but I have changed myself and now I am complete vegan I prefer to eat a healthy plant-based diet. it is said that you are what you eat

Some of the benefits of eating a plant-based diet

Plant Based Diet

Organic foods, they help us to become our greatest version. also, we don’t have to take animal-based products as it produces negativity in our body

plant based diet consists of god made food which grows up from the mother earth, also they are all alkaline in nature and when we consume alkaline foods our body automatically gets healed

Health is Wealth, a lot of people take this for granted, but if you don’t take care of your body it will not take care of you

Your body is like your home place where you are staying so you need to keep it clean, provide proper nutrition through diet, exercise, take rest and in that way you become your greatest version living well and healthy

Vegetables and Fruits one must include every day they are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. ask yourself  Are you eating to live or die?

How to Live Healthily

One must focus on a balanced diet which includes the proper amount of Carbohydrates, Protein, and fats.

Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water is mandatory because our body is 70% water.

Skipping Breakfast is also very bad for our health because the body needs nutrition after 8 to 10 hours of sleep and mostly all biological changes in our body occurs when we sleep

The sleep of 6 to 8 hours is mandatory for our health, that too sound sleep 

Good Quality Sound Sleep

Avoid the use of Moblie phones during the night 1 hour before sleep and remember the blue light of the mobile phone is very dangerous for eyesight as well as sleep deprivation

For you to get good night sleep following are the requirements

1. Cave-like Darkness/ Minimum light
2. Dinner 2 hours before sleep
3. No Mobile Phone
4. Focus on breathing you will sleep automatically and with good quality too
5. Forget worries about tomorrow or the past.

Find methods to become stress-free such as Meditation, Walk-in Nature, Excercise, Yoga, Watching comedy videos, etc.

Research says 95% of diseases are due to stress so one must eliminate stress in their day to day life.

Fun is an important part of your life,
if you are not having fun it means you are not living life, so make fun part of your life.

Spend time with family, and those who are elder and with kids this will help you to be happy.

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What is Reiki Energy Healing

What is Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is the life force energy. everything in this universe is energy, whenever there is some disease in the body because there is an imbalance in our energy system.

Apart from healing reiki is having a variety of different other benefits, this is the only single technique from which you can get self-healed.

let us talk about its discovery, this was discovered by Dr Mikao Usui, this is ancient  Japanese healing technique, this healing is given by just placing hands on the affected areas,

this way the healing is given to the patient

we are having 7 energy centres in our body they are called chakras. when the energy is freely flowing in the body, there cannot be any disease in our body.

Location of Different Energy Centres

So Reiki Energy Healing is given to balance energy in all chakras and hence there will be no diseases left.

1. Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra – located at the top of the head.colour for activation – purple
Seed mantra – OM

2. Ajna Chakra or Third Eye Chakra – Located between the eyebrows
Colour for Activation – Indigo
Seed Mantra – Kshyam

3. Throat Chakra or Vishuddha Chakra – Located at the throat region
Colour for Activation – Light Blue
Seed Mantra – Ham

4. Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra – Located at the middle of the chest
Colour for Activation-Green
Seed Mantra – Yam

5. Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura Chakra – Located at the navel region
Colour for Activation – Yellow
Seed mantra – Ram

6. Sacral Chakra or swadhishtan Chakra – Located 4 fingers below the navel
Colour for Activation – Orange
Seed Mantra – Vam

7. Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra – Located at the base of the spine
Colour for Activation – Red
Seed Mantra – Lam

Each chakra is responsible for several bodily functions.

Different Chakras Responsible for Different Functions

for Reiki to work there are 5 principles to be followed
just for today
I will not be angryI will not worryI will do my work honestlyI will be grateful for my blessingsI will be kind to every living thing
There also must be prayer where all divine beings are called upon
we need to sit in ghaso mudra and do the following prayerI thank reiki for being hereI (your full name) thank reiki for being hereI thank Dr Mikao Usui, Dr Hayashi, madam Takata, reiki angels, reiki archangels, and reiki grandmaster (your master name) for being hereI am about to start Reiki healing session with reiki grandmaster (your master name) please provide divine healing, divine guidance and divine protection.thank you.

If you are having diseases around any of the chakras you can get rid of it by just balancing the energy of the chakras
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Benefits of Drinking water first thing in the morning

Benefits of Drinking water first thing in the morning

When you drink water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach functioning of your internal system such as heart, kidney, liver, lungs, etc. improves

Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach first thing in the morning

Benefits of Drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach Water needs to be taken before sunrise. this will improve the internal organs of the body such as Heart, Kidney, Lungs, Liver, Brain, etc.

without doing anything you need to drink at least 125 ml water on an empty stomach, at first you will not feel good because you are not used to the process do not worry, but continue this task and increase the amount of water once you find it comfortable.

It is said that the stomach is the other brain so when you have an upset stomach or your digestive system is not proper, your brain will not work to the optimum level so if you want to have great memory power you need to drink water on an empty stomach the first thing in the morning.

Benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach
  • This also helps you to lose weight because when your internal system is properly functioning excess food and fat does not accumulate in the body
  • This is the ancient Japanese water technique when you see those people they have thinner waist and sharper brain because they use this technique every day
  • The secret lies in the saliva which is taken inside the body it’s priceless for our health
  • you will also remain happy throughout the day because when your stomach is clear in the morning itself your day will be good
  • Your body functioning will be improved you will feel hungry at the right time, and your body will absorb all the nutrients as your colon becomes clear
  • you will be having glowing skin and it also increases the production of new blood and muscle cells
  • this also removes toxins from your blood
  • people having a heart problem such as blood pressure can easily be taken care of
  • if you observe the shape of the intestine and that of the brain is the same.
  • this means that if your intestine is clear your brain is also clear
  • This also improves the stamina of your body

I myself is doing this and I feel amazing health-wise, in the beginning, this won’t feel so good but it’s ok to try to stick with this habit and eventually increase the amount of water intake from 125ml to 250 ml.

in addition to the above, It is beneficial in Headache, body ache, heart system, arthritis, fast heart beat, epilepsy, excess fatness, bronchitis asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urine diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, womb, cancer and menstrual disorders, ear nose and throat diseases.

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How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Mental health is one of the common problems which people are facing nowadays and depression is one of them.

Depression is a mental state it can be cured 

How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety I will try to give simple solutions to these problems
Depression is Suppression – you suffer from depression because you suppress your emotions and don’t allow to pass them through you
Meditation – there are different types of meditation which one can practice to get rid of depression, meditation is basically focussing on your breathing. Mindfulness meditation is the one in which you focus on total body awareness, knowing thyself  
Spend time in Nature – Nature heals everything, spend some time in nature go out for a walk in the garden barefoot. you will be relaxed and feel great

Listen to Music – Music plays an important role in one’s life especially if someone is feeling down it helps us to elevate our mood and raise frequency and vibrations. listen to music which you love.

Watching Funny Videos – Fun is an important part of our life without fun life is nothing, watch funny videos on Youtube or spend time with grandparents and with a kid who is below the age of 10. you will feeling amazing.

Become Social – in the beginning, you won’t be comfortable being social and that’s ok but you need to be in talking to the people it may be stranger, family member or a loved one because when you talk to someone you share what you carry which in turn can make you depressed.

Avoid Staying Alone – This is similar to the above but even if you don’t have any person with whom you can talk try to go out for shopping or public places which might be of interests to you. this is important because staying alone will lead you to become more depressed.

Make Yourself Busy – When you have a busy schedule doing the work you love, you don’t do overthinking and getting involved in the stuff which doesn’t bother you much. so keep yourself busy throughout the day and stay away from negativity.

Avoid Negativity – We are often surrounded by the people which always keeps us in negative mode. you can’t do this, this is not of your type, etc.
you are the sum of the people to whom you surround yourself with
so stay away from such people and in that way, you can get rid of depression.

Eat the right food – You are what you Eat
Eating the right food plays a very important role when you suffer from depression you are actually lacking chemicals in brains such as Dopamine and Serotonin, so in order to get rid of the condition, you need to include foods which are rich in Serotonin-like Banana, Nuts, Eggs, Spinach, etc.

Exercise Every day – Study shows that exercising every day helps you to release endorphins and it reduces depression of about 70%. your mood wich change and you will feel good when you exercise at least 30 minutes per day do your favorite activity like jogging, cycling, running, etc. you can also get involved in sports.

Help Someone Needy – When you help someone you will feel happy automatically, Happiness comes from sharing, so next time when you feeling down or sad, help someone who is seeking help and in that way you are helping yourself too.

Reading Books – When you feel alone or down and don’t have someone to spend time with, books can be one of your best friends, it improves brain health and you can always learn something from them, reading is a very powerful tool for personal development and sharpening your skills.

Believe in Yourself – When you Believe in yourself you are halfway done – yes we need to believe in ourselves and must have a never to give up attitude. even if things are not in our favor just trust the process and universe will help you to reach your goal.

Start Counselling – If you are not comfortable sharing with your family or friends you can do the same with the stranger, by seeking a counselor they will help you to get rid of unwanted thoughts and be positive in life.

Don’t Go For Drugs – When you go for drugs you are actually taking a chemical into your body which will definitely cause you harm, anti-depressant has a lot of side effects, so stay away from drugs. remember drugs cannot remove depression but you yourself have the power to overcome it.

Watch Your thoughts Journal Them – Thoughts are very important, thoughts become things. so whenever some negative thought comes to your mind just journal them all and throw away the paper you will automatically feel good

Use Positive Affirmations – Affirmation is very helpful, affirmation is the statement which you speak into the present tense, words have power when you speak something repeatedly your brain will believe what you speak and it will be manifested in your life.

Be Grateful for What You Have – Gratitude plays a very important role in one’s life, if someone is grateful for what he has, he will attract more into his life. so be grateful for what you have and you will be happy.

Learn Something New – When you get involved in learning something new, you tend to forget the state in which your life is, so learn something new it can be a new language, driving a car, traveling to an unknown place, making new friends, etc.

Limit the Use of Social Media – When someone posts something on social media we generally feel negative, felling such as envy, jealousy, hatred comes because we see other more successful, happy and prosperous, we compare ourselves with others. which will lead to more depression.

Monitor Your Self-Talk – When you are alone what self talk you have with yourself, I am not enough, all is not well, what will happen to me? these are all negative self-talk. so monitor them and try to make them positive by replacing them with positive affirmations in that way you can get rid of depression.

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5 ways to build a better relationship

5 ways to build a better relationship

“changing the water of the plant makes it grow”
The greatest relationship we can have is with ourselves before we can love anybody, we must begin to love ourselves.

5 ways to build a better relationship

The five ways to build a better relationship are communication, appreciation, passion, trust, and fun.

1. Communication – The voice is the essence, how we speak to our partner is essential in building a closed bond. words hold power, its not the words you use but the energy behind the words. words mold and shape matter, using words to heal one another, bring the best out of our relationships. nurturing each other starts with creating free time for one another to express our true feelings.

2. Appreciation – do not take your partner for granted, appreciating your love is a great way to create a harmonious relationship. when we forget to value each other we become complacent and end up throwing away the very person we cherish. keeping alive the flame of love requires tremendous dedication and praising your partner every now again will bring you to close together.
3. Passion – Deep passion is the driving force of any relationship, the more passion you have, the more relationship thrives. to cultivate passion we must tap into our infinite power by eating healthy organic foods and placing ourselves in an environment which uplifts our spirits. The more energy we can access, the more passion energy is available to us both. as soon as our energy level decrease our passion begins to wither away like the leaves of a branch.

4. Trust – Trust is essential while building a better relationship. we can only lose what does not belong to us, you cannot force love. owing someone else is an illusion, you can capture the body but never the heart – that has to be given to you. respecting each other to walk in our freedom is showing how trust can be used, so you both can see a deeper beauty within each other.

5. Have Fun – Building a better relationship is having fun with your partner. Be silly, play games, have a little dance or two. keeping alive the inner child within each other will bring you both to the first time you set eyes on each other… that magical moment. the magic will begin to blossom, when you can laugh and smile with each other, not taking life so seriously. remember to have fun is to open your heart, both of your hearts will grow with love and you both will be flying in – pure euphoria.


10 Self-care strategies you can do in 10 days

10 Self-care strategies you can do in 10 days

 1. make sleep a Priority

Nothing affects our ability to process and handle challenging situations more than adequate sleep. When we are well rested we are better equipped to keep your emotions in check, be productive, and Find Creative Solutions. Unfortunately, our busy schedule of a keep a good night’s rest at bay.
  today take the time to develop a nighttime routine and that is the habit of making Sleep priority
 2. Drink more water

Our society has a habit of reaching for diet soda over bottled Water, and this isn’t good. Sodas, coffee, and energy drink can be full of sugar and are often more dehydrating than they are hydrating. Water is an essential ingredient for our body to function properly and without it we feel both physical and mental effects
 today drink more water if you have a hard time drinking plain water try adding some lemon and mint for a refreshing and detoxifying facelift
 3. Move More

Everyone agrees that exercise is good for you it elevates your mood decreases stress and gives you more energy. So if we can all agree we should exercise more, why aren’t we? Lack of time is usually the response. Well, the good news is you can realize the benefits with as little as ten minutes a day. Surely we can find 10 minutes, right?
 Today go for walk 5-10 minute exercise on YouTube do some sketching at your dad whatever you too used to move more today than you did yesterday

4. Spend time with a friend

A solid social network makes us happier and there isn’t a better way to take care of ourselves then to spend time without friends. They hold our hands when we are sad, support us when we are scared, and make us laugh in dark times. Don’t wait until the next crisis spend time with people who matter
today schedule date for coffee or lunch with the close friend because it is the right thing to do
 5. Read a Book

 reading keeps our mind sharp and an active mind better equips us to handle stress and life challenges. be on a constant quest to learn and challenge the mind. It will contribute to more positive thoughts and a better outlook on life
 today pick book you have always wanted to read and read a page or ten
6. Enjoy Your Hobby

 Having time to do something just for the fun of it is the ultimate example of self-care everybody feels good when they are doing something they love. Taking up a hobby isn’t about mastering a skill it is about realizing the stress and Chaos of our day in an activity we enjoyed

 Today try something you always wanted to do something you love just for the fun it7. take a photo

photographs capture memories and memories remind us of important moments when you take the time to take pictures of our day it gives a chance to slow down and appreciate our surroundings
 today take a photo of the things that make you smile
 8.Seek Serenity

 Finding quiet recharges our natural energy and our natural energy is what propels us through our day. In the midst of quiet, we can let go of the chaos around us and focus on feeling our body with cleansing breaths. It will leave us feeling more cantered and more optimistic.
 today takes five minutes and finds some quiet. place and let your mind wander as you focus on your breath
 9. Spoil Yourself

Spoiling ourselves is not self-indulgence it is necessary it’s important when we take the time to remind our self that we are special and deserving of good in our lives when we treat ourselves well and when we believe we have earned it more opportunities of abundance will begin to appear
 today do something special just for you because you do it
10. Practice Gratitude

A big part of self-care is being grateful for all the good in our life when we take the time to practice the gratitude we are changing our mind-set an hour window of the world
 Today take the time to honor themes you are grateful for in your life journal photography and spend time in somewhere drinking attention to it doing this might be the best self-care strategy of all


How to be Healthy

Japanese surprising research…

  1. Acidity not only caused by diet errors, but more dominated because of stress.
  2. Hypertension not only caused by too much consumption of salty foods, but mainly because of errors in managing emotions.
  3. Cholesterol is not only caused by fatty foods, but the excessive laziness or sedentary lifestyle is more responsible.
  4. Asthma not only because of the disruption of oxygen supply to lungs, but often sad feelings make lungs unstable.
  5. Diabetes not only because of too much consumption of glucose, but selfish & stubborn attitude disrupts the function of the pancreas.
  6. Kidney stones : .Not only Calcium Oxalate deposits, but pent up emotions and hatred
  7. Spondylitis : not only L4 L5 or cervical disorder; but over burdened or too much worries about future

If we want to be healthy then first
1) Fix your Mind
2) Do regular Exercises,
2) Move around,
3) Do Meditation
4) Laugh and make others laugh too.
5) Make Friends

These activities will help you to strengthen your soul, mind and body…

Be Healthy And Enjoy Your Life.