Everyone will be Corona

Everyone will be corona,Keep this in mind….When a prisoner was sentenced to death in the United States, some of the scientists there thought to do an experiment on this prisoner, then that prisoner was told that he should be killed by poisoning the cobra instead of being hanged.On the day of the execution, a large … Read more

Heart Touching Story

Seeing uncle alone I asked …. uncle alone in the morning walk today? Didn’t come with your daughter? So every day when I go for a walk in the garden … this uncle comes every day to take his daughter’s hand and go for a morning walk.We look at each other and say Jai Shri … Read more

Value makes difference in results

Value makes difference in results A man earns as per his ability only, the amount of value he provides to the company or anywhere Income will not far exceed your personal development if you do not work on yourself it will revert back you may have heard that i am very much cpable but still … Read more

Short Story

When a brother was 7 years old, his wife passed away. Relatives persuaded him to remarryButHe denied it all, saying that he had only one sonAndThat son is my wife’s gift to me. I will take good care of it and raise it and my life will be cut short in it. When the son … Read more

Dedicated to all Father’s- Dad is there

Read article PAPPA TO CHE NEDad is there … !! Were at my birthTo all enthusiasts ..,Silently in a cornerWere standing a ..,Politely, Everyone just fell in loveThe hospital billsWhat was left …, Dad is the only one … * Scratching the stomachI was filled,CollidedHow many times have I been at home,Step by stepAfraid, but … Read more

Fathers Last Wish

🧑🏼‍🦯 Father’s last wish * The * advice * given by the dying * father * that the son’s life has changed, * everyone should read * Was a very * rich family *. The * head of the family * fell ill. So he called his * son * to himself and said that … Read more

Both Husband and Wife are Important

There was a Nawab in ancient times. He was highly respected in the home, family and society. One day the Nawab told his Begum that you are respected everywhere because of me. The wife replied that in a minute I could ruin your honor. Show that Nawab spoke well by doing so. After a while, … Read more

Young and Old

Beautiful Message. Not to be missed!! YOUNG 😎 and OLD 😸 ​When YOUNG,I was WORRIED about MY PIMPLES.When I am OLD,I am WORRIED about MY WRINKLES. When I was YOUNG,I was WAITING to HOLD HER HAND.When OLD,I am WAITING for SOMEONE to HOLD MY HAND. When YOUNG,I wanted my parents to leave me alone*When I … Read more


TYPES OF PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK & WHATSAPP 1) The”Rooster”– Feels that it is their job to tell Facebook”Good Morning”every day !! 2) The”Lurker”– Never posts or comments on your post, but reads everything, and might make reference to your status if they see you in public. 3) The”Hyena”– Doesn’t ever really say anything, just LOLs … Read more

Scary Predictions for Future

Some Very Interesting, but very scary Predictions for the Future.. 1-Conventional Car Repair workshops will vanish over a period of time. 2-A Petrol Engine /Diesel Engine-driven Car has almost 20,000 individual componentsAn electrical Vehicle has less than 50. In future, Electric cars will be sold with a life-time Warranty and will be repaired only by … Read more