Energy Management is Very Important

“We often learn how to make a living but we don’t know how to make a life.”


Why is energy management important? 

When you don’t manage your energy, your career and work suffers, you lose your focus, your family and friends get affected too. You then start to feel guilty and act differently. You start losing yourself. “We put time limits on what we love and we end up doing what we don’t love for all of time”.
How to manage your ENERGY for OPTIMUM PRODUCTIVITY (focus on 1 first then another and another but always have focus on 1)

Energy Centers in Our Body

Energy management
Think ENERGY first! Don’t split your time but rather, split your energy.
Know what brings you up and know what brings you down.
Some facts:●     82% of businesses feel that they are not performing at ideal energy levels●     When we feel too energetic, we eventually burn out.
Energy levels which are too low and too high are not ideal — strike a balance! You have to have momentum and moments of relaxation and slowing down (refueling).
How to refuel and recharge:●     Schedule refuel and recharge time (e.g. weekly meditation classes, etc.)●     Double the time you think you need to refuel – a tip: gravitate towards positive people and where they are●     Write down what may happen if you don’t refuel (how will it affect different aspects of your life?)
“We are not machinery but inside, there is a machine.”
managing Negative energy
When a turtle is happy in its environment, it extends its limbs out of its shell as far as possible to soak up as much light as possible. When it’s under attack, it retracts its limbs into its shell to protect itself. Be that turtle.
If you had $86,400 and someone stole $400 from you, why would you spend your time and energy directing your focus on how it was stolen and who stole it when you still have $86,000? Same goes for the 86,400 seconds that are gifted to you everyday.
Negative energy can sap away your energy.
What if some of my friends or family members give out negative energy?
●     It’s okay to outgrow people who are not growing.●     Those who change their progressive journey and last are those who change their circle (of people around them).

  • (For family members) Spend time with them but preserve your energy.

Exclusive focus

To exclusively focus on a task or project is to pay FULL attention to it.

Your brain has two sides: the left and the right side.The left side is stable, statistics, logistics, level-headed.The right side is exploration, creativity, dynamics.Switching from one task to another at any one time is like switching on one side of the brain and switching off the other. It’s like running from the city to the countryside and back again.
Your brain can’t process two things at one time at productive levels. If you have too many apps opened in your phone, everything slows down and the same thing happens in our brain.
Do one thing at a time with FULL attention each time.
Recognising the race you need to run
We are so used to having so many instant things in our lives now that we forget that “it’s a marathon, not a sprint”. We spend so much time harping on this that we sap away our energy unnecessarily.
Success cannot be delivered to your doorstep. It cannot be pre-ordered. You need to walk away as far as possible from your own door to open up more doors, to open up more opportunities.
PATIENCE for the BIG things, IMPATIENT for the small things — BIG things being writing a book, working on a project, etc; small things being writing an article, etc.
Going all in on you
Not the same as Exclusive focus.
Albert Einstein once said: “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”.
Don’t try to be a professional pretzel — to force yourself into a mold that you clearly don’t fit in. Don’t try to be somebody you’re not. You can bend and adapt or try new things but don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not. Don’t get distracted by what others want you to be.
Strike a balance between stepping out of your comfort zone and staying true to who you are.

Your pace

Everyone has different levels of energy. Everyone lives on different energy levels. They express their energy in different ways.
For Jay when he is with someone one-on-one, his energy level: full focus, attention, awareness, deep thought, deep compassion, deep meditation and prayer for and with the other personFor me when i am on stage, my energy level: hyped! Like whoa!
Recognize what “energy” means for you.
Everyone has their own pace. For example, Morgan Freeman became an actor when he was 52.
What “your pace” means:
●     Don’t strive for perfection, strive for progression. You need to be growing on a daily basis.●     Trust your body. Listen to what it’s telling you. Refuel and recharge if you need to, then go out and give your energy productively.Find your FLOW — the highest level of brain energy where skills meet challenge. For example, Jay’s skills are to share wisdom and his challenge is to reach out to so many people. When he finds the meeting point between these two, he is in FLOW, he is in his element.
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What is Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence

Why is learning and having emotional intelligence (EQ) important?

Emotional Intelligence Overview

The world has always connected, continues to connect and will forever connect through people-to-people interaction, not business-to-business communication. “With places and projects, I have a strategy. When it comes to people, I go with my heart”.
Especially with the recent rise in technology, the most needed skill of the hour and of the future to achieve success, whether in personal or professional life is EQ. You get to connect with people offline and online through EQ. “Whether offline or online, people think in exactly the same way. Online, however, people’s habits are simply amplified and magnified”.
With EQ, one has the ability to:
●     connect with people●     understand one’s own and another’s emotions in the context of the current surrounding and environment●     understand what someone else is going through physical and visual cues without them even having to say it●     go with one’s own heart●     negotiate, persuade, motivate, inspire●     build a deep relationship with others
“The healthiest, wealthiest and wisest people on earth quote that EQ is a key matrix of growing success” because ultimately, you are dealing with people. You need to feel them. “We are more than numbers and figures.”

How do I improve my EQ?
First, a must-do exercise for yourself.
Take note that we are a bit of both but we naturally prefer to be more of one over the other. Also take note that for each question, NEITHER are weaknesses; they are both STRENGTHS. Now, ask yourself…

Question 1) Am I a more outgoing person or am I a more reserved person? (Choose only 1)

  1. A more outgoing person will prefer:                                 

●     directing a conversationgetting people to do things

  1. A more reserved person will rather:

be part of the conversation

Question 2) Am I a more task-oriented person or am I a more people-oriented person? (Choose only 1)

  1. A more task-oriented person will think:

●     what comes next?●     about the order of things to do●     what do I need to get done today?
 A more task-oriented person is a natural planner

  1. A more people-oriented person will think:

●     are people enjoying their time?●     how are others feeling?●     who am I meeting today?
A more people-oriented person is a natural motivator.

DISC profiling
DISC profile an Overview

I am a more task-oriented person am a more outgoing person
D: more outgoing and more task-oriented
The Ds prefer to:●     direct●     do●     plan●     to organize●     “ready, fire, aim!”●     be motivated by action●     be orientated by results see the bigger picture

I am a more outgoing person am a more people-oriented person
I: more outgoing and more people-oriented
The Is prefer to:●     inspire●     innovate●     motivate●     intellectualize●     discuss●     “ready, talk!”●     have space to createprovide insights

I am a more reserved personI am a more task-oriented person
C: more reserved and task-oriented
The Cs prefer to:●     be calculative●     be cautious●     be detailed●     have to focus●     have steps have a process
I am a more reserved person am a more people-oriented person
S: more reserved and more people-oriented
The Ss prefer to:●     be soft●     be structured●     emphasize●     be the middle-man / mediators●     “ready, hug!”·         bring people into the situation

Understanding others’ DISC profiles
How we should treat others is not by how we like to be treated but rather how they need to be treated. Nobody is good or bad, we see things through different lenses, through different perspectives. All of us are just wired emotionally in different ways.
An example: Six blind men were at the backstage of a circus. As they were feeling their way around, all of them touched an elephant. Turn by turn, they said “It’s more like a tree trunk”, “It’s more like a rope”, “It’s more like a palm leaf”, “It’s more like a bending tree trunk”, “It’s more like a wall”. All were right. They just had different perspectives.
When people interact with us, they are showing you:●     their DISC profile●     their needs, dreams, and worries both parties, therefore, need to listen, see and read between the lines.
There are natural collaborators between some profiles but it’s all about work! To communicate effectively and deeply, we need to speak to others not in the language we understand but in the language that they understand. It’s as if traveling to a foreign country: in order for the locals to understand and connect with you, you need to speak in their native tongue. This will enable you to make the most impact.
Interacting with the Ds
Provide them:●     the direction in which things are going the bigger picture / how things fit into the bigger picture

Interacting with the Is
Provide them:time and space to create
Interacting with the Ss
Provide them:●     detailswith information on the steps, of the process
Interacting with the Cs
Provide them:
with information on how people are going to benefit, participate, be affected by the situation

The challenge for today: try to notice any be aware of others’ DISC profiles and try to communicate with them in their own language.
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Self Improvement

How to Clear Your Mind

How to Clear Your Mind

“We live in the world we think of”

Breathe easy…just be. How do we live from our hearts? How do we free ourselves? On my journey, I have realized the human mind is similar to a computer. In a computer you put programs, the more programs you put on a computer, the more it slows down until it eventually crashes. The more we accumulate in the mind, the more we slow down, until we too eventually crash. Belief is the program that creates our reality, it’s all BS—belief systems.

How to Clear Your Mind
Whatever we are thinking, we are creating, in essence, we live in the world we are thinking of. Many of us want our minds instantly to switch off…that’s impossible. The more effort you use to get into the effortless state, the harder it becomes. By surrendering, our heart space opens. Letting go off society’s expectations, of what friends and family think, liberates you.

Accepting yourself 100% is the first step of clearing your mind and watching it dissolve. When we look at the world we live in, we do not know how it operates. The hidden mysteries of the world are a reflection of what’s happening within ourselves. Everything we accept as real has been put there as a program, this is what fills the mind. There are hundreds of thousands of these little programs filling the mind, just like a computer. To clear the mind we have to begin deleting each one, one by one. “Can we look at people without judgment?”Many of us look at people and see their race, color, and nationality…all of this creates a tremendous amount of blockage within the mind. As children we are living free, we are living in the present moment, hence we are super powerful. Keeping alive the inner child in you is essential to clear your mind. Many of our parents took us out of the present moment. The first time they asked you:

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
The spell was cast. Now we are thinking in the future;
“I want to be a lawyer.”

We are projecting into the future which has not even taken place yet. There is no need to worry over something you do not have control over.

Assumptions make bad conclusions, you feel you know people, you do not. Honesty is key to clearing the mind, we need a reality check—the human being is on the run from itself. Many of us live as prisoners in our own minds. Moving from doing to being is essential to tap into the flow, this is where source energy lives. Animals live in the flow, they are free to be, free to enjoy life.

There are only two forces in the universe, love, and fear. Many of us are running around like headless chickens, therefore we are caught in perpetual fear, and distraction. On the planet, silence is feared. The void is the ‘existential vacuum,’ the emptiness where you find your true power. Embracing silence helps you clear your mind.

The internal dialogue, the voices in our heads. “I’m not good enough,” this negative self-talk fills the minds of many. When we can transcend the negative and the positive, we begin to clear our minds. By seeing the world in duality, divided, and fragmented…this is what we become. The external is a reflection of what’s taking place within us. Embrace the positive and negative self talk, then the mind will not be able to tell the difference and will not disturb you. The biorhythms of many of us are out of sync. The new paradigm is about tuning into ourselves, that’s another way to clear the mind.

“Do the foods we eat to promote our wellness? Are we eating sun foods or plant-based foods?” 
All of this affects our minds on a molecular level. We have to eat foods suffer fro which raise our vibration higher. Many of us living in a low vibration, m a confused mind, the mind becomes cloudy and dull. Once you have lost the spark of life it’s over. To reignite the flame we have to begin deleting old programs. We have to let go of everything we think we know about life. 
Many of us are born into a religion, when we remember we are made from the same fabric as the universe, there is no external messiah coming to save you. We are what we seek. All of this frees your mind because the search is over. Many of us are on the quest for enlightenment, enlightenment is knowing how much you do not know. This clears your mind, as you see you are living in a world of infinite possibilities.
 The new paradigm is where people of the world connect with fellow kindred spirits, to create a whole new world. Clearing your mind is living from your heart. To live from your heart you have to step outside of linear time which is man-made. 
There is enough to go around on the planet. We have been lured into a false sense of security. Security is what many desire, the job that pays a certain amount at the end of the week. This security is what enslaves us. To clear your mind you have to let go of your security. When something is secure what happens? It cannot move. In these cities, we have secure jobs, but we cannot move, to clear your mind you must become fluid like the ocean. The power lies within. 
We are under a big spell, it’s frightening, the more you delve deeper, the more you see how universal mind control has taken its toll. There is a war for the hearts and minds of the people, whoever can enter your mind first—wins. To clear our minds we have to break the spell from within, we have to take back our power. Money is a spell, the race is a spell, religion is a spell, to be a sovereign being we must let all of that go—let go: of the illusion, embrace nature.
  Walking around barefoot in the soil can help clear our minds. Many of us are wearing trainers and shoes, “hoe can we feel anything?’ We are concealed in what we wear, therefore we are concealed in how we think… our spirit is concealed, we do not even know it. The more you begin to take offthe layers, the more you begin to clear your mind. Stripping everything bare to its original organic essence is the way to be free. We have been played on the planet, but what goes around comes around. How we treat other life forms on the planet is how we are being treated. 
When we begin to look at animals with respect and not butcher them, then maybe things will change. On an energetic level, when we butcher animals their energy is being passed on to us. Information is stored in water, Dr Emoto’s research shows this, therefore blood contains water. The animals’ information is being passed into millions of people around the globe, they are taking on this fear and agony this is, what we are creating on a mass scale. 
The world is changing as more people become aware, we are not the only superior life form on the planet. Every life form deserves the same treatment—respect. People are getting the wakeup call, this is the information age—the hidden is coming to light. The veil is being lifted, the word ‘apocalypse’ means removing the veil, all of this will help clear the mind. Do not fear the unknown many of us want to stay in our comfort zone because it’s safe—if you do not venture out, you will never clear your mind because you will always be wondering what is on the other side. Giving yourself your own unique value system is a great way to clear the mind, do not let anybody give you value – love yourself 100%.
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Positive Affirmation for Chakra Healing and Remove Financial Blockages from All Chakras

Positive Affirmation for Chakra Healing and Remove Financial Blockages from All Chakras
*Positive Affirmation for Chakra Healing:*

1) For Root Chakra – located at the base of the spine

“I am safe and secure in this world”

2) For Sacral Chakra – located below the navel area

“My creativity and sexual expression are a gift”

3) For Solar Plexus Chakra – located above the navel area

“No One person or situation has power over me”

4) For Heart Chakra – located at the center of the chest

“I Love and approved Myself”

5) For Throat Chakra – located at the throat region

“I voice from the heart and I am heard”

6) For Third eye Chakra – located between eyebrows

“I am open to knowing”

7) For Crown Chakra – located above the head

“THANK YOU to the universe for all that you have and all that you are about to receive”

Positive Affirmation for Chakra Healing and Remove Financial Blockages from All Chakras Remove Financial Blockages from All Chakras
Many of you may wonder, how come it’s about all chakras? Well, what if your work is based on your communication skills? Your Throat chakra needs to be active and clear. What if your income is based on your creativity? Your Sacral chakra needs to be worked on. Let’s see how can we clear all chakras for financial abundance.

1. Place your palms on Root Chakra (below the navel area) and say- “I am financially secured. All my financial insecurity is transmuted into positivity. The universe is the source of my income so I release all my worries to Universe”. (Removes insecurity)

2. Place your palms on Sacral chakra and say- “Creativity and creative ideas to enhance my work and to earn more money flows to me and through me effortlessly. (Brings creativity for finances)

3. Place your palms on Solar Plexus chakra and say- “I am confident about all my projects/business ideas/ability to earn more. I can handle all business or work deals confidently and calmly.” (Brings confidence and removes doubts)

4. Place your palms on the Heart chakra and say- “I love and respect my work. I give unconditional love to my work/business and finances”. (Removes the “I don’t like my work/ money is not good” kind of energy).

5. Place your palms on Throat chakra and say- “I clearly communicate with all my colleagues and business associates. I follow honesty and truth and I attract the same kind of people”. (Eliminate misunderstandings and lies)

6. Place your palms on Third Eye chakra and say- “I have great insight and big vision about my work, business, savings, and future. I follow my instinct because I know I am guided by God and the Angels.” (Clarity, bigger vision, trust intuition)

7. Place your palms together like a Namaste on top of  your head, that is Crown chakra and say- “I get Divine ideas from Universe to enhance my business and my God and Angels are always with me to help me and guide me”. (Faith in The universe, God, and Angels)

Follow the above method for 21 days. There is no time set for healing each chakra. Trust your intuition. Some chakras may require more energies than others.

Try this and share your feedback, would love to know your experience.😊🍀👍

Self Improvement

How to gain more confidence in just a few minutes.

How to gain more confidence in just a few minutes.

I am going to talk about it. How to gain confidence is very much essential. There are simple steps to gain confidence when you are not confident you are depressed your head is down. Your energy is low. And you feel stressed.

Now to get the confidence you need to stand up in the power pose.

Power Pose for gaining Confidence

How to gain more confidence in just a few minutes.

This is the process in which your testosterone level increases and your cortisol level gets down. Due to which you will feel more confident in just a few minutes’ time This is very much useful. If you are giving some kind of presentation. Or if you are feeling nervous Before any public event to give you the example. Let’s talk about cricket. In which the players after taking wicket stand in power pose due to which the energy level increases the confidence in them increases and they can represent. 
Another simple way in which you can gain confidence –

How to gain more confidence in just a few minutes.

Is it taking responsibility? Of our own selves, We always blame others. And the circumstances to whatever that is happening to us. But we need to change that and take responsibility. Of what is happening in our life? And for that, there is an amazing affirmation which you can use on a daily basis. And affirmation is

I am 100% responsible for everything that happens in my life.
I am 100% responsible for everything that happens in my life.
I am 100% responsible for everything that happens in my life.
I am 100% responsible for everything that happens in my life.

Repeat this for at least 10 times. And you will feel that your confidence level has gone up.
Please, let me know in the comments if this has helped you to gain confidence. And I would like to know your thoughts about how you gain confidence on a day-to-day basis.

Self Improvement

10 Self-care strategies you can do in 10 days

10 Self-care strategies you can do in 10 days

 1. make sleep a Priority

Nothing affects our ability to process and handle challenging situations more than adequate sleep. When we are well rested we are better equipped to keep your emotions in check, be productive, and Find Creative Solutions. Unfortunately, our busy schedule of a keep a good night’s rest at bay.
  today take the time to develop a nighttime routine and that is the habit of making Sleep priority
 2. Drink more water

Our society has a habit of reaching for diet soda over bottled Water, and this isn’t good. Sodas, coffee, and energy drink can be full of sugar and are often more dehydrating than they are hydrating. Water is an essential ingredient for our body to function properly and without it we feel both physical and mental effects
 today drink more water if you have a hard time drinking plain water try adding some lemon and mint for a refreshing and detoxifying facelift
 3. Move More

Everyone agrees that exercise is good for you it elevates your mood decreases stress and gives you more energy. So if we can all agree we should exercise more, why aren’t we? Lack of time is usually the response. Well, the good news is you can realize the benefits with as little as ten minutes a day. Surely we can find 10 minutes, right?
 Today go for walk 5-10 minute exercise on YouTube do some sketching at your dad whatever you too used to move more today than you did yesterday

4. Spend time with a friend

A solid social network makes us happier and there isn’t a better way to take care of ourselves then to spend time without friends. They hold our hands when we are sad, support us when we are scared, and make us laugh in dark times. Don’t wait until the next crisis spend time with people who matter
today schedule date for coffee or lunch with the close friend because it is the right thing to do
 5. Read a Book

 reading keeps our mind sharp and an active mind better equips us to handle stress and life challenges. be on a constant quest to learn and challenge the mind. It will contribute to more positive thoughts and a better outlook on life
 today pick book you have always wanted to read and read a page or ten
6. Enjoy Your Hobby

 Having time to do something just for the fun of it is the ultimate example of self-care everybody feels good when they are doing something they love. Taking up a hobby isn’t about mastering a skill it is about realizing the stress and Chaos of our day in an activity we enjoyed

 Today try something you always wanted to do something you love just for the fun it7. take a photo

photographs capture memories and memories remind us of important moments when you take the time to take pictures of our day it gives a chance to slow down and appreciate our surroundings
 today take a photo of the things that make you smile
 8.Seek Serenity

 Finding quiet recharges our natural energy and our natural energy is what propels us through our day. In the midst of quiet, we can let go of the chaos around us and focus on feeling our body with cleansing breaths. It will leave us feeling more cantered and more optimistic.
 today takes five minutes and finds some quiet. place and let your mind wander as you focus on your breath
 9. Spoil Yourself

Spoiling ourselves is not self-indulgence it is necessary it’s important when we take the time to remind our self that we are special and deserving of good in our lives when we treat ourselves well and when we believe we have earned it more opportunities of abundance will begin to appear
 today do something special just for you because you do it
10. Practice Gratitude

A big part of self-care is being grateful for all the good in our life when we take the time to practice the gratitude we are changing our mind-set an hour window of the world
 Today take the time to honor themes you are grateful for in your life journal photography and spend time in somewhere drinking attention to it doing this might be the best self-care strategy of all


How to Find Your Life Purpose

How to Find Your Life Purpose

 The most important thing One needs to know Is what is your purpose of life if you don’t have a purpose in your life it is very much difficult to live life to the fullest because when you know your purpose you can work on it and have a great life

 there are a lot of people who are  rich but they don’t know the purpose of their life if you want to know the purpose of your life there are few of the questions you need to ask on an everyday basis

 1. who am I you will ask this question every day on a regular basis and practice this insistently until you find a perfect answer and when you are doing this process you will be getting so many answers so many feelings so many thoughts and all that you can put down into your journal and monitor on a regular basis until you find the link which led to a particular answer

 2. then next question to ask is what I want to do in my life this is also you can ask yourself much time on regular basis and have it in note down whatever comes to your mind into the journal and try to brainstorm it to think on it until you reach a particular answer and this answer will be given by your subconscious mind only but the most important thing is to ask yourself these questions every day

3.  the next question you can ask is for whom I am doing the work or for whom I am doing what I am currently doing this question also you can ask on an everyday basis and you can repeat asking this questions regularly and note down all the thoughts feelings ideas whatever comes to your mind and you can practice this questions specifically when you are kind of in the early morning time for going to your bed at the night time

4.  the next question you can ask  what do people required from what I am doing for what people need from me from what I am doing this again follows the same pattern you can ask this yourself on regular basis each and every day and note down all the things that come into your mind particular emotion thought-feeling whatever note down until you find the correct answer on a particular answer

5.  the next and last question you can ask is what is the outcome of what I am doing how can one benefit from what I am doing ask this every day until you find a correct answer from down all the thoughts emotion feeling whatever comes to your mind and journal it.

it will become more clear what is your purpose of life why are you living this type of life why are you doing what you are doing what you have come here do what is your role in this universe.

 so these were some of the questions you can note down always and try to get as many answers as possible and delete to one particular Answer all these questions and your life will be much simpler more meaningful and  you will become your greatest version

 so if you are able to find your purpose in life I encourage you to share this to others also and leave your thoughts in the comment section and let me know


Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin

Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin

(1) Albert Einstein’s wife often suggested that he dress more professionally when he headed off to work. “Why should I?” he would invariably argue. “Everyone knows me there.”

(2) When the time came for Einstein to attend his first major conference, she begged him to dress up a bit. “Why should I?” said Einstein. “No one knows me there!”

(3)Albert Einstein was often asked to explain the general theory of relativity. “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour,” he once declared. “Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity!”

(4)When Albert Einstein was working in Princeton university, one day he was going back home he forgot his home address. The driver of the cab did not recognize him. Einstein asked the driver if he knows Einstein’s home. The driver said “Who does not know Einstein’s address? Everyone in Princeton knows.Do you want to meet him?. Einstein replied “I am Einstein. I forgot my home address, can you take me there? “The driver reached him to his home and did not even collect his fare from him.

(5)Einstein was once traveling from Princeton on a train when the conductor came down the aisle, punching the tickets of every passenger. When he came to Einstein, Einstein reached in his vest pocket. He couldn’t find his ticket, so he reached in his trouser pockets. It wasn’t there, so he looked in his briefcase but couldn’t find it. Then he looked in the seat beside him. He still couldn’t find it.

The conductor said, ‘Dr. Einstein, I know who you are. We all know who you are. I’m sure you bought a ticket. Don’t worry about it.’ Einstein nodded appreciatively. The conductor continued down the aisle punching tickets. As he was ready to move to the next car, he turned around and saw the great physicist down on his hands and knees looking under his seat for his ticket.

The conductor rushed back and said, ‘Dr. Einstein, Dr. Einstein, don’t worry, I know who you are. No problem. You don’t need a ticket. I’m sure you bought one.’ Einstein looked at him and said, ‘Young man, I too, know who I am. What I don’t know is where I’m going.’

6) When Einstein met Charlie Chaplin:

Einstein said,
“What I admire most about your art, is its universality. You do not say a word, and yet … the world understands you.”

“It’s true,” replied Charlie Chaplin,
“But your fame is even greater: The world admires you, when nobody understands you.”.

Nice & refreshing are good old memories


10 Books to Read During this Lockdown

10 Books to Read During this Lockdown


1. IKIGAI : The Japanese Secret to a long and happy life

How Japanese People live a longer life this is explained in this book

2. The Rudest Book Ever

this book will explain how to use your mind and remain free from bullshit of life


Built to Serve: Find Your Purpose and Become the Leader You Were Born to Be

4.The Top 10 Rules for Success: Rules to succeed in business and life from Titans, Billionaires, & Leaders who Changed the World

5. Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People

6. The Magic (Secret (Rhonda Byrne)) 

7. Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too


8. The Power (The Secret)

9. What Every Body Is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People

10. Book Of Positive Affirmations

read also

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Books on Spirituality and Consciousness

Books on Spirituality and Consciousness

Being Mortal – Atul Gawande

Many Lives, Many Masters – Brian Weiss

Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda

Kundalini Aghora – Robert Svobod

The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi – Arthur Osborne

Three Truths Of Well Being – Sadhguru

Think on these things – J. Krishnamurti

Life And Death Of Krishnamurti – Lutyens Mary

The Conquest of Suffering – P.J. Saher

Zen-Yoga –  P.J. Saher

An Introduction to Reiki – Huzaifa Surti