How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Mental health is one of the common problems which people are facing nowadays and depression is one of them.

Depression is a mental state it can be cured 

How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety I will try to give simple solutions to these problems
Depression is Suppression – you suffer from depression because you suppress your emotions and don’t allow to pass them through you
Meditation – there are different types of meditation which one can practice to get rid of depression, meditation is basically focussing on your breathing. Mindfulness meditation is the one in which you focus on total body awareness, knowing thyself  
Spend time in Nature – Nature heals everything, spend some time in nature go out for a walk in the garden barefoot. you will be relaxed and feel great

Listen to Music – Music plays an important role in one’s life especially if someone is feeling down it helps us to elevate our mood and raise frequency and vibrations. listen to music which you love.

Watching Funny Videos – Fun is an important part of our life without fun life is nothing, watch funny videos on Youtube or spend time with grandparents and with a kid who is below the age of 10. you will feeling amazing.

Become Social – in the beginning, you won’t be comfortable being social and that’s ok but you need to be in talking to the people it may be stranger, family member or a loved one because when you talk to someone you share what you carry which in turn can make you depressed.

Avoid Staying Alone – This is similar to the above but even if you don’t have any person with whom you can talk try to go out for shopping or public places which might be of interests to you. this is important because staying alone will lead you to become more depressed.

Make Yourself Busy – When you have a busy schedule doing the work you love, you don’t do overthinking and getting involved in the stuff which doesn’t bother you much. so keep yourself busy throughout the day and stay away from negativity.

Avoid Negativity – We are often surrounded by the people which always keeps us in negative mode. you can’t do this, this is not of your type, etc.
you are the sum of the people to whom you surround yourself with
so stay away from such people and in that way, you can get rid of depression.

Eat the right food – You are what you Eat
Eating the right food plays a very important role when you suffer from depression you are actually lacking chemicals in brains such as Dopamine and Serotonin, so in order to get rid of the condition, you need to include foods which are rich in Serotonin-like Banana, Nuts, Eggs, Spinach, etc.

Exercise Every day – Study shows that exercising every day helps you to release endorphins and it reduces depression of about 70%. your mood wich change and you will feel good when you exercise at least 30 minutes per day do your favorite activity like jogging, cycling, running, etc. you can also get involved in sports.

Help Someone Needy – When you help someone you will feel happy automatically, Happiness comes from sharing, so next time when you feeling down or sad, help someone who is seeking help and in that way you are helping yourself too.

Reading Books – When you feel alone or down and don’t have someone to spend time with, books can be one of your best friends, it improves brain health and you can always learn something from them, reading is a very powerful tool for personal development and sharpening your skills.

Believe in Yourself – When you Believe in yourself you are halfway done – yes we need to believe in ourselves and must have a never to give up attitude. even if things are not in our favor just trust the process and universe will help you to reach your goal.

Start Counselling – If you are not comfortable sharing with your family or friends you can do the same with the stranger, by seeking a counselor they will help you to get rid of unwanted thoughts and be positive in life.

Don’t Go For Drugs – When you go for drugs you are actually taking a chemical into your body which will definitely cause you harm, anti-depressant has a lot of side effects, so stay away from drugs. remember drugs cannot remove depression but you yourself have the power to overcome it.

Watch Your thoughts Journal Them – Thoughts are very important, thoughts become things. so whenever some negative thought comes to your mind just journal them all and throw away the paper you will automatically feel good

Use Positive Affirmations – Affirmation is very helpful, affirmation is the statement which you speak into the present tense, words have power when you speak something repeatedly your brain will believe what you speak and it will be manifested in your life.

Be Grateful for What You Have – Gratitude plays a very important role in one’s life, if someone is grateful for what he has, he will attract more into his life. so be grateful for what you have and you will be happy.

Learn Something New – When you get involved in learning something new, you tend to forget the state in which your life is, so learn something new it can be a new language, driving a car, traveling to an unknown place, making new friends, etc.

Limit the Use of Social Media – When someone posts something on social media we generally feel negative, felling such as envy, jealousy, hatred comes because we see other more successful, happy and prosperous, we compare ourselves with others. which will lead to more depression.

Monitor Your Self-Talk – When you are alone what self talk you have with yourself, I am not enough, all is not well, what will happen to me? these are all negative self-talk. so monitor them and try to make them positive by replacing them with positive affirmations in that way you can get rid of depression.

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